This is the comprehensive script of Above the Ghosts’ Heads: The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp. The version of the documentary to be screened on May 1 contains only Liu Hua’s oral narrative, which is part of this script.



我们从娘胎里爬出来后 We emerged from our mothers’ wombs,
马三家女子劳教所 but at Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp,
把我们这些捍卫权利和信仰的上访人和法轮功学员 we were tortured for petitioning for rights
进行折磨 and for practicing Falungong.
用电棍击打我们的乳房阴部 They struck our breasts and genitals with electric batons,
插进阴道里电击 inserted batons into our vaginas to shock us,
往阴道里灌辣椒面 filled our vaginas with red pepper powder,
把牙刷插进阴道里旋转 inserted toothbrushes into our vaginas and rotated them.
用阴道扩张器扩张我们的嘴 They opened our mouths with vaginal dilators
给我们灌食来侮辱我们 to force-feed and insult us.
我们不知道 We don’t understand
我们的国家究竟怎么了 what has happened to our country.



在这个地球上 China’s ‘re-education through labour’ system
中国劳教制度是侮辱人类最邪恶的制度 is the most evil system in this world, an insult to humankind.
在这个地球上 The Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp
这就是辽宁省沈阳市马三家女子劳教所的邪恶的劳教的地方 in Shenyang, Liaoning, is such a place.
拿我们女人不当女人 A place where we were treated not as women,
我们成了这个邪恶制度的奴隶和人质 but as slaves and hostages of this evil system.



马三家女子劳教所从前是一片坟墓圈子 Before Masanjia Labour Camp was built, there used to be a graveyard.
后来把坟墓圈子铲平了 Later the graveyard was levelled
在上面盖上了现在的马三家女子劳教所 and the labour camp was built on top of it.
是属于白捡来的土地 So the land cost nothing.
劳教所的警察跟我们说 The police in the camp told us:
地下住的是小鬼地上住的是被劳教的女人 ‘Under the ground are ghosts, above the ground are women in the camp.’
我们这些被劳教的女人说 We the women in the camp said:
地下的小鬼住的是地上的阳间 ‘Those underground ghosts live on Earth, aboveground…’
而我们住的是地下的阴间 ‘…while we live in Hell, underground.’
我们就是住在小鬼头上的女人 ‘We are women living above the ghosts’ heads.’
阴间和阳间混合住在一起 ‘The worlds of the dead and the living have been mixed up together.’






Above the Ghosts’ Heads: The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp



导演/杜斌 Director/Du Bin

剪辑/星辰 Editor/ Xing Chen

翻译/匿名Translation: Anonymous

字幕/匿名Subtitles: Anonymous



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刘华 51岁农民 Liu Hua, age 51, peasant,
原籍辽宁省沈阳市苏家屯区张良堡村 from Zhangliangbao Village, Sujiatun District, Shenyang, Liaoning.
她的丈夫岳永进 Her husband, Yue Yongjin,
在2003年被一千二百名村民推选为村委会主任 was elected the village committee head by 1,200 villagers in 2003.
在审计村庄财务账目时发现 During an audit of the village’s accounts, he discovered
村党支书与当地高官挪占高额集体财产 that the village party secretary and senior local officials had misappropriated large sums from collectively owned funds.
这对夫妻即开始举报腐败官员 When the couple started to report the corrupt officials,
受到了殴打和迫害 they were beaten and persecuted.
夫妻俩长年流亡在北京有家归不得 They left home and spent years exiled in Beijing, unable to return.
从2006年至2011年刘华先后三次被地方当局以 From 2006 to 2011, local authorities charged Liu Hua three separate times
“危害国家安全反党反社会主义”罪名 with “endangering national security and opposing the party and opposing socialism”
送进辽宁省沈阳市马三家女子教养所劳教四年 and sent her to spend a total of four years in Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp.
而她的丈夫则被送进沈新劳教所劳教三年 Her husband served three years in Shenxin Labour Camp.
夫妻俩共被劳教七年 In all, the couple spent seven years in re-education through labour.
仅读过5年书的刘华 Although Liu Hua had only five years of schooling,
偷偷将劳教女人遭遇的奴役凌辱和酷刑 she secretly recorded her fellow camp inmates’ experiences of enslavement, humiliation, and torture.
用笔写在纸上每天死背硬记 She wrote them down on paper every day, and did her best to memorise what she had written
再将纸片吞进腹中销毁 before swallowing the papers.
她在解除劳教的3个月后冒着巨大的危险 Three months after her release, at great risk,
大胆地讲述了马三家女子劳教所非人性的一幕 she courageously revealed the stories of inhumane treatment at the Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp.



















在劳教所里 纸和笔是违禁品 Paper and pens were forbidden in the Camp
好像是战士上战场拿枪装子弹一样 As if they were loaded guns taken by soldiers to the frontline
不允许有 任何人都不允许有 We were not allowed to have those. No one was.
在劳教所里 我那小笔有这么大 But I kept a small pen in the Camp, only this big
那笔随时都可以藏进衣服袖里 I could hide it in my clothes
鞋的边割开藏在里头 Or in a slit I had made into the sole of my shoe
为了写这些东西 我挨牢头狱霸打了三四次 I suffered three or four beatings at the hands of bosses and tyrants of the camp for writing these things
我晚上睡不着觉 我把被子蒙在脑袋上 When I could not fall asleep at night I’d cover my head with my quilt
撅着屁股在那儿写 还要藏好 And wrote on the bed, bum in the air, to hide what I was doing
每天都是惊心动魄 老担心被她们搜到 I was scared to death every day that they would discover it
我下定决心 在那里头 But I was determined in there
只要我活着走出来 我就把写的这些东西带出来 That as long as I could get out alive, I was going to take my notes out with me,
把劳教所里面生活的所有的原生态带出来 That I would take this personal account of life in the camp out with me,
给世人给国人看 And share it with people in China and the whole world
这些劳教日记 都是我在劳教所三年当中 In these RTL diaries I compiled during three years in RTL
每天每时每刻 记录下来的她们的一切黑暗 I recorded everything that happened every moment of every day, recording all the evil they did
和我们受到的虐待 体罚 殴打 上大挂 死人床 老虎凳 And the abuse we suffered, the corporal punishment, the beatings, the hanging in stretch positions, the Death Bed and the Tiger Bench
我把这些事情一批一批写下来 I wrote all of this down, bit by bit
通过女人的阴道把它带出来 And had women smuggled it out their vaginas
因为走出去一批人又一批人 就把它带出来 As people left, they took it out with them, bit by bit


这个怎么说我丈夫岳永进是村长 How to begin? My husband Yue Yongjin was the village head.
这是我丈夫岳永进民选村长 This is my husband, elected village head by popular vote.
为了全村农民维权受尽了残酷的迫害 He suffered really cruel persecution for trying to defend the rights of all the villagers.
我丈夫的腿被他们整残疾 My husband’s legs were left crippled by their beatings.
到现在为止我们还流浪在北京 Ever since, we have been wandering in Beijing,
无家可归没有生存能力 homeless, without any livelihood.
村长职务被他们搞掉 My husband was removed as village head
我丈夫岳永进被劳教两次三年 and served two labour-camp terms, for three years total.
我被劳教三次总共四年 I served three terms, four years in all:
管外教养一年 one year outside the camp,
劳教两次三年总共四年, three years inside the camp. A total of four years.
我们夫妻共被劳教七年 We’ve served seven years altogether.
我是2010年12月23号 On 23 December 2010,
在北京西城区阜成门 I was in Fuchengmen in Beijing’s Xicheng District,
在别人家当保姆的情况下 working as a nanny at someone’s home,
被苏家屯公安局截访的截去了 when I was taken away by the Sujiatun Public Security Bureau.
说给我解决问题截回家了 They said they would sort out my problem and took me home.
五天当中我受尽了折磨 I was treated very brutally for five days.
基本上就是逼供 Basically, they tortured me to force me to confess.
给我这么大一个冷沙发木头的 They had me sit on a cold wooden bench.
上面什么都没有让我坐着 There was nothing on it.
晚上也不让我睡觉 I was not allowed to sleep
五天五夜啪地直躺在地上开始抽了 for five days and nights, until I fell to the bare floor and lay there convulsing.
他们把我拉到苏家屯医院去了 I was taken to Sujiatun Hospital
给我扎了一瓶点滴 and put on an intravenous drip.
把我送到棋盘山棋盘山就是黑监狱 They then sent me to Qipanshan, which is a black jail.
那儿写着为党排忧为民解难 They had a slogan written there: ‘Relieve the party’s worries, resolve the people’s problems’.
实际说白了就是圈上访人的黑监狱 In fact, that place was a black jail for detaining petitioners.
那上面写着沈阳市信访调处中心 It was called Shenyang Petition Mediation Centre.
我们镇政府一天要给棋盘山650块钱 The town government paid Qipanshan 650 yuan a day [per detainee].
那时候我的血压也上来了 At the time, my blood pressure was on the rise,
因为头一天心脏犯病嘛 and the first day my heart began acting up again.
腿也肿了肾炎也犯病了 My legs were swollen, my kidney problem flared up,
血压达到180 低压达到70的情况下 and my blood pressure reached 180/70.
身体根本就承受不了 It was utterly unbearable.
那天是零下二十七八度下着这么厚的大雪 It was -27°C outside, with snow falling this thick.
特冷整个棋盘山没有电暖气跟冰窖似的 It was freezing cold, and there was no electric heating inside Qipanshan. It was like an icy cave.
我们当地的村民还去了4个人 There were four others from our village there.
给我说是陪护挂着陪护证 I was told that they were my escorts. They wore badges.
实际上就是监督我了 But really they were there to keep watch over me.
还有四个警察有两个保安 There were also four police officers and two security guards,
总共是十个人看着我一个人 a total of ten people watching me.
公安分局开车来的一个警察说 A policeman from the local public security bureau said to me:
你够级别了 ‘You’re such a high-level target…’
一天接近两千块钱我们看着你 ‘…it costs 2,000 yuan a day to watch you.’
我说你们这是违法的 I said: ‘This is illegal.’
你们给我关到黑监狱你们是任何手续都没有 ‘You’re holding me in this black jail without following any procedures whatsoever.’
就是非法拘禁我限制我的自由 ‘This is illegal imprisonment, a restriction of my freedom.’
你们就是违法的 ‘You’re violating the law.’
后来冻得我拉肚子我受不了了 Later, it was so cold I had diarrhoea and couldn’t stand it anymore.
我说要不你就把我送到教养院 I said: ‘Why don’t you send me to a labour camp…’
要不你就送去拘留 ‘…or a detention centre?’
我肚子疼得受不了血压也上来了 I had an unbearable stomach ache, and my blood pressure was going up.
要吃药他们也不给我吃药 I needed medicine, but they didn’t give me any.
量遍血压五十块钱 I had my blood pressure checked, costing 50 yuan.
量遍血压五十块钱 Checked it again, 50 yuan more.
也不给我吃一片药 They gave me no medicine.
后来我就把我的长围脖 I took my long scarf
挂在水房的一个大暖气管上 and hung it on a heating pipe in the shower room.
挂在上面我开始上吊 I tried to hang myself.
没法活活不下去了因为那太残忍了 Life was unbearable, too cruel.
又冷又饿冻得直打哆嗦 I was cold and hungry, trembling with cold.
10月26号他们把我拉到公安分局 On October 26, they took me to the local public security bureau,
又呆了一天一宿 and kept me there for a day and a night
呆到10月27号晚上10点 until 10 o’clock the next evening.
他们骗我说要送我去苏家屯医院看病 They lied to me, saying that they were taking me to Sujiatun Hospital for treatment,
结果直接送到看守所了 but they sent me directly to the detention centre instead.
到看守所那里头我也在抗争 Inside the detention centre, I kept protesting.
那里头一个管教警察叫赵敏她就跟我讲 On the 29th, a guard named Zhao Min said to me:
29号她跟我讲你们公安局抓你抓错了 ‘The public security made a mistake in arresting you.’
你现在给他们一个台阶下 ‘Now you’ve got to give them a face-saving way out.’
我说我没有错 I said: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’
(赵敏)说你要是不认罪不认错 She said: “If you don’t confess…’
今天就马上教养你 ‘...you will be sent to labour camp today.’
我也没有听她的 I didn’t listen to her.
我问那你给我什么答复 I asked her: ‘What answer can you give me?’
她说把你两口子接回去 She said: ‘You would both be taken home.’
告了十来年你丈夫腿也被整残了 ‘You’ve been complaining for over a decade. Your husband has been disabled…’
你也挨了村书记打了两回 ‘…you’ve been beaten twice by the party secretary…’
市公安局把轻伤改为轻微伤这都是违法的 ‘…and the police classified it only as minor injuries. These were all illegal.’
那么公安局给你个台阶下 ‘Now the police are giving you a way out.’
给你两口子接回去 ‘They’ll take you both home…
给你两口子一人一个低保 ‘…and give you each a low-income allowance.’
一个月一百多块钱 That would be a bit over 100 yuan a month.
简直是惨不忍睹 It’s appalling!
还叫我写上保证书 They wanted me to provide a written guarantee
认罪认错保证不进京上访 that I would plead guilty and promise to stop petitioning in Beijing.
这不强迫人认罪认错吗 They were forcing me to confess.
我没有给她写死也不给她服 I didn’t write any guarantee. I’d rather die than give in.
我为全村农民维权我也没有错 I was defending villagers’ rights and did nothing wrong.
他们贪污了还成了英雄 They were corrupt and yet were treated like heroes.
我们举报的成了阶下囚 We reported them and became prisoners.
(2011年1月12日上午十一点半 It was 11:30 AM (on 12 January 2011).
饭都没让我吃到了马三家女子劳教所 Without letting me eat anything first, they sent me to Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp.
量量血压就把我送进去了 They checked my blood pressure and locked me up.






公安刚开始把我抓进劳教所的时候 When the police first brought me inside the labour camp…
哇屋里头特别明亮和干净 Wow! It was bright and clean.
那个被子迭得整齐被单一尘不染特别好 The quilts were folded neatly, the sheets spotless—it was very nice.
统一的洗脸盆统一的毛巾在那儿摆着 Identical washbasins and identical towels, all set out in line,
但许看不许用 but we were not allowed to use them.
等上级领导一来检查我们自己用的牙刷牙膏 When official inspectors came, our own toothbrushes, toothpastes,
包括自己用的毛巾全得藏起来 towels—everything had to be hidden away
不能让上面来检查的看到 from their view.
一年换一茬毛巾 The display towels were changed every year,
好像是两年换一茬被罩床单 and I think the quilt covers and bed sheets were changed every two years.
全都换一遍留着上面的来检查 They were all there for the inspections.
我们自己盖的被褥都是自己从家里拿来的 The quilts we used had to be brought from home,
都送另一个房子跟仓库似的 kept in another room, like a storeroom.
每天都要背个大包送到仓库里 Every day we packed them up and carried them to the storeroom
把自己盖的被褥全部藏起来 to hide them away.
外面来的人一看这屋里可干净整齐了 When outsiders came, they saw a clean and tidy room.
就是留着摆设假像 It was just to give a false impression.
假像一年要拆洗两次 The fake quilts were washed twice a year,
十月一日拆一次春节拆一次 once on the National Day, once for the Chinese New Year.
拆完了要是迭不齐 Once washed, it must be folded neatly.
你得往上喷水放屁股底下压搞熨斗熨 You had to spray water onto it, sit on it, iron it,
整齐像刀砍出来的一样整齐 so it became as neat as if it had just been cut.
晚上睡觉时要把假像被子轻轻拿下来 When we went to bed at night, we had to carry those quilts gently off the bed.
学员说假像被子好像一个死人的骨灰盒似的 An inmate said the fake quilts were like urns of the dead,
好像死人的骨灰盒似的整齐 They were indeed like urns, neat,
轻拿轻放搞在床底下放块布铺上 gently taken down, put under the bed, on a cloth.
放假像被子的床从来不让我们坐 The beds were for displaying the quilts, not for us to sit on.
我们要坐的时候自己就弄个布单铺上 When we needed sit down, we first had to cover the beds with our own sheets.
坐在自己的布单上不许屁股直接坐在床单上 We were only allowed to sit on our own sheets, without touching theirs.
因为怕弄脏了好迎接上面的检查嘛 They feared their sheets would become dirty. It was to help them pass inspection.
也怕时间长了床单上的色泽掉了 They feared that the colour of the sheets would fade if used.
所以得用自己的布单铺上 So we had to cover them with our own sheets…
从来都不许把屁股直接坐在床单上 …and were never allowed to sit directly on their sheets.
她们(劳教学员)总共是将近470多人 There were nearly 470 inmates in all.
人的来源是搞传销的能有130多人 Around 130 were there for involvement in pyramid selling schemes.
普通什么卖淫的乱七八糟的有70多人 Around 70 were prostitutes and other sorts of common things.
这就将近200多人 This added up to nearly 200.
剩下的是法轮功学员100多人 The rest included over 100 Falungong practitioners,
上访的每年有40到50多人 and 40 to 50 petitioners were sent there every year.
这种情况下反正上访和法轮功能占一半吧 In any case, petitioners and Falungong probably accounted for around half of the total.
劳教所的日程是 The labour camp schedule was this:
每天早晨4点55起床 10分钟洗漱 Get up at 4:55, 10 minutes to wash.
6点钟下去吃饭 6点半出工 Breakfast downstairs at 6, work starts at 6:30.
中午11点半收工下午12点半出工 Break at 11:30, then back to work at 12:30
中午休息20多分钟 with a mid-day break for about 20 minutes.
晚上是5点收工 At 5 PM, work finishes.
6点开始卡齐就是罚坐卡齐1个小时 At 6 o’clock, we had to perform ‘upright sitting’ as punishment, for an hour.
她们的作业都是晚上抽业余时间写 Homework had to be done at night during any spare time.
8点以后 10点以后开始写作业 After 8 or 10, they started to write homework.
作业基本上都是抄都是挤出休息时间 Homework was basically copying, all done during rest time.
有时写到半夜12点还有时写到(凌晨)1点 Sometimes they copied till midnight, or even one in the morning.
反正每批作业都是抄每周没有休息日 It was always copying. There was no weekend…
直到2012年6月份才正式休息 …until June 2012, when they were allowed
一周休息一天 to have one day off a week.
按司法部规定每天干3小时活 According to the Ministry of Justice, we should only work for three hours a day,
学习3个小时每周休息2天 study for three hours, and get two rest days per week.
可是我们呢 But we had to
每天要干9个半小时甚至10个小时的活 work 9-1/2 or even 10 hours every day,
晚上还要体罚1个小时 plus an hour’s corporal punishment in the evening.
我们每天吃的是司法部规定 Our daily meals, according to Ministry of Justice regulations,
是当地像沈阳最低生活费是800块钱 should be pegged to minimum local living expenses, which was in Shenyang was 800 yuan per month.
可是我们每个月才给160块生活费 But we only got 160 yuan a month for living expenses,
每天才5块多钱一顿才2块钱不到 which was about five yuan per day, not even two yuan per meal!
吃得非常次基本上都是什么烂菜 The food was awful, basically all rotten.
我们吃的是烂菜最次的菜 We ate rotten vegetables, the most inferior kind.
我们这边吃饭这边还要挑菜 We ate while picking out
把烂菜挑出去坏菜挑出去 the rotten vegetables, the bad ones,
稍微剩点汤水我们就那么对付着 with only some soup left, to survive on.
早晨8个人 Breakfast for eight people
就是一小碗这么大一小碗的白菜甚至萝卜 was a small bowl about this big of cabbage or radish
就是像剁鸡食鸭食似的给动物吃的那食似的 that had been chopped like feed for chickens or ducks’ food, as if it were for animals,
剁吧剁吧揽吧揽吧撒点咸盐里头 chopped up and stirred together, with some salt added
就那么对付着 and that was it.
中午的菜也没有油 Lunch was not cooked with oil either.





这件衣服是马三家女子劳教所二大队穿的劳教服 This was the uniform we wore in the second brigade at Masanjia Labour Camp
一大队是蓝色劳教服二大队是红色劳教服 The first brigade wore blue; the second brigade wore red.
三大队法轮功学员是黑色劳教服 The third brigade, the Falungong practitioners, wore black.
这个红色就是黑色的白的地方不改变 The red here would be black; the white area was the same.
所以三种衣服三个大队 Three different uniforms for three brigades.
三个大队生产标志产量都不一样的 Each brigade had different production logos and quotas.
我这衣服是我自己强制带出来的 I went through a lot of effort to take this uniform out.
为什么呢因为我和我丈夫都被教养了 Why? Because my husband and I were both sent to labour camps,
所以我们也没有一分钱来源 and we don’t have a penny of income.
我穿的这衣服都是她们普通学员花钱买了给我的 This uniform was bought for me by the ordinary inmates.
所以我走时带出来了 So I took it out with me,
为什么我要带出来呢 because
我要把那里头的所有的黑暗和事实我们的苦难 I want to let the world know the dark truths...
讲给世界人听 ...about our sufferings there.
我这身上戴着这牌子这是公民 This badge I wear says ‘citizen.’
按照孙中山的三民主义民生民权民主 According to Sun Yat-sen's Three People’s Principles, there should be People’s livelihood, civil rights and democracy.
可是我们要想做人的权利都没有 We have lost our rights to live like a human,
所以我们就要求 so we demand
还我们的公民权利和做人的尊严 our civil rights and our human dignity.





到劳教所后 After I arrived at the labour camp,
第二天就让我出工让我干活 I was allocated with work the next day.
给我一天一百八十件的产量 I was required to produce 180 pieces a day,
给我四道工序让我一人去干活 working at four workstations all by myself.
我走道都打晃 I could hardly walk.
两个腿肚子都拐来拐去两条腿都瘸来瘸去, I couldn’t control my legs and walked with a limp.
腿浮肿得都这么深走道都走不了 My legs were swollen, I couldn’t walk.
高压170 低压70 心肌缺血 My blood pressure was 170/70, and I had a heart problem.
根本就不能干活 I couldn’t work at all.
每个月签考核的情况下我不签考核 We were required to sign an assessment every month, but I refused.
2011年5月30 号殷海平大队长跟我说 On 30 May 2011, the head of our brigade, Yin Haiping, said to me:
在我政绩当中你给我画个圆满的句号 ‘I need you to give me a satisfactory comment for my performance assessment.
要不给我签考核没有政绩 If you don’t sign, I won’t have passed my assessment,
那我就没有奖金了 and then I won’t get a bonus.”
在我不给她签考核的情况下 I didn’t sign her assessment,
她支使代工赵兰 so she ordered the forewoman, Zhao Lan,
在我们那个209房间号里头 to beat me up in Room 209.
拽着我的头发就开始打我 She pulled my hair and started to hit me.
因为那里头已经有监控了 The room was monitored by cameras,
但是有监控的情况下她们可以删掉, but even so, they were able to delete the footage,
因为监控整个院部到所里到司法厅都能看到 otherwise it could be seen by the whole camp and the provincial department of justice.
她就开始打我薅着我的头发 She started to beat me, pulled my hair,
把一个洗脸盆照我头砸脸盆都砸烂了 and hit my head with a basin until the basin was smashed.
一个这么坐的塑料板凳也给打烂了 She hit me with a plastic stool until it was smashed too.
我昏死过去她还拿着皮鞋头 I fainted but she kept on kicking...
照着我的头咣咣咣踹了好几脚 ...my head with her shoes
还薅着我的头发往暖气片上撞 and hit my head against the radiator.
把我头上撞了这么大一个包 I had a lump this big on my head.
到第二天整个脑袋都是木的 The next day, my whole head felt numb.
后来我就找她们大队长 I went to see the brigade captain,
因为她是生产大队长她支持赵兰打我 because the captain of the production brigade had encouraged Zhao Lan to hit me.
2011年7月20号赵兰在车间 On 20 July 2011, Zhao Lan came into the workshop.
本来是头一天接的活 We had just received an order the day before
第二天就让我们干一百三到一百五十件 to produce 130 to 150 jackets within a day,
根本就干不出来那意大利的鸭绒棉袄服装 but it was impossible to make those Italian down-filled cotton jackets.
她过来就骂我我就去找队长 She came over and insulted me, so I went to see the head of the unit.
结果当着赵欣队长的面她又把我打了一顿 Then she started beating me again in front of the unit head, Zhao Xin.
暴打我拿扫帚哗哗地朝我脑袋抽打我 She used a broom to thrash my head.
那天正好是司法局来检查 Inspectors from the local justice bureau happened to be there that day.
我当着他们司法局官员的面我就喊 I shouted in front of the officials,
流氓打人了流氓打人了 ‘Thugs are beating me! Thugs are beating me!’
流氓雇着黑社会头子打人了 ‘These thugs are hiring gangsters to beat me!’
她们四个大队长就把我的嘴给捂上 The four brigade captains covered my mouth,
抱着我捂着我脑袋捂着我嘴巴 held me, covered my head and my mouth,
把我抬到仓库里不让我喊 and dragged me to the storeroom and wouldn’t let me shout.
任怀萍大队长跟我说你也就是上访人 Brigade Captain Ren Huaiping said to me: ‘You’re lucky to be a petitioner.’
你要是普教早就拿电棍过你 ‘If you were an ordinary inmate, I’d have given you the electric baton.’
我跟你说你跟教养院作对没有你的好处 ‘I tell you, it’s no use to oppose the camp.’
我对荣凤娥大队长说你为什么不给我减期 I asked Brigade Captain Rong Feng’e: ‘Why has my term not been reduced?’
她说因为你不签考核 She replied: ‘Because you didn’t sign the assessment…’
不认罪不认错就不给你减期 ‘…and you didn’t admit guilt or wrongdoing. We won’t reduce your term.’
我说她们为啥普教一年能减两个多月 I asked: ‘How come ordinary inmates can get two months reduced per year?’
都是花钱买的她说 ‘They paid for it,’ she said.
司法部有规定可以花钱买 The Ministry of Justice has regulations on this.
有能耐你也拿六万哪 If you can afford it, you can also pay 60,000…
你也拿八万哪你也花钱买期 ...or 80,000 to reduce your term.
这是她说的你不认罪也不认错, These were her words: ‘You don’t admit guilt or wrongdoing…’
所以给你双倍的活以后甚至还要给你加活 ‘…so you deserve double work, or even more.’
我说你这是打击报复我 I said: ‘This is retaliation.’
因为我不给你签考核 ‘I didn’t sign your appraisal…’
你就给我双倍的活已经超负荷的劳动 ‘…so you doubled my already excessive workload.’
2011年我家里也没人去看我 I had no visitors in 2011.
我也没有钱的情况下 I had no money…
我那时用的日用品的卫生巾手纸都没有 …even for daily necessities like toilet paper.
手纸是搞布搞个大被单撕成一块块 I tore a bed sheet into pieces
用布擦屁股 and used them to wipe myself.
弄车间里的废棉花洗一洗 I found some waste cotton strips in the workshop,
这么大一小条一小条的 small strips about this size.
洗一洗搁外面晾 I washed them, left them outside to dry.
晾干了搞手纸卷起来 When they dried, I wrapped them with toilet paper…
当卫生纸和卫生巾用 and used that as a sanitary napkin.
你看多么残忍 Life was so harsh!
我那个布洗了晾在外面 I hung the pieces of cloth to dry outside
代工赵兰看见马上就给我扔了 Forewoman Zhao Lan saw them and threw them away immediately.
她说这是娃娃的尿布不能在这儿晾 She said: ‘These are baby diapers. They can’t be dried here.’
她就给我扔了不让用 So she threw them away and didn’t allow me to use them.
知道吗那里头的法轮功学员和我 You know, Falungong practitioners and I,
还有几个上访的都跟我一样 and another few petitioners,
都用的布用的那里的废棉花 we all used cloth and waste cotton.
后来五月份我身体稍微好一点 Later in May, as my health improved a bit,
我就给人家背行李每月挣三十块钱 I could earn 30 yuan a month for carrying luggage,
给人家洗一套衣服五块钱 or five yuan for washing clothes.
我这套红衣服在那里面买还要五十块钱 This red uniform cost 50 yuan inside.
我这是别人给我的家里没有人接见我嘛 Others bought this for me. I had no family members to visit me.
也没人来看我嘛 Nobody came to see me.
我的被褥都是从车间攒下来的废棉花撕下来的 My quilt and bedding were made from waste cotton collected from the workshop.
自己做的被褥 I made this bedding myself.
因为她那里面的被褥都迭得板板正正的 Those neatly folded quilts there were not for us to use.
当假像不让我们枕不让我们盖 They were for display. We were not allowed to use their pillows and quilts.
2012年5月16号我丈夫去看我 On 16 May 2012, my husband visited me.
等6月8号她们每天给我达到两千多个数字 From 8 June on, they increased my daily workload to over 2,000 pieces,
给我七八道工序 with seven or eight workstations,
让我绞线让我配号让我拿熨斗 They had me spinning yarn, matching pieces, and ironing cloth.
还让我到一楼车间 They also sent me to the first-floor workshop…
用机器熨森林警察的警号和森警两个字 …to iron badges for forest guards.
还让我下车间 They told me to go down to the workshop.
我说我不干这些活 I said: ‘I’m not going.’
我没有义务干这么多活我的身体承受不了 ‘I’m not obliged to do this much work and my body can’t handle it.’
代工就打我 The forewoman hit me.
赵欣队长当着车间嗷嗷喊我 Unit Head Zhao Xin shouted at me
故意地找茬她喊代工就去打我 and picked fault with everything I did,
打了我好几拳拽了我好几把 calling on the forewoman to come over to punch me and drag me around.
后来这帮上访的急了大家伙说 The petitioners all got angry and said:
你们要打刘华我们全起来反抗 ‘If you hit Liu Hua, we will all revolt.’
她们拿着坐的小板凳全部起来 They all took their stools, stood up,
一起去打那个代工队长一看不好 and chased the forewoman. The head of the unit saw
上访人起来了上访人团结起来了 that the petitioners had revolted and were united
要跟代工对着抗争 to fight against the forewoman.
她们就把我领到了楼下大厅 So they took me into the hall downstairs,
到了楼下大厅我还在喊 and I kept shouting:
我说我没有义务 ‘I’m not obligated!’
我不欠你们共产党 ‘I don’t owe your Communist Party!’
我也不欠你们哪个政府臭流氓 ‘I don’t owe your rotten government! You thugs!’
干嘛呀干这多活 ‘Why do you make me work so hard?’
我身体承受不了的情况下 ‘My body can’t bear it any more…’
你们还让我干这么多活 ‘…but you still increase my workload.’
拿出法律依据来凭什么让我干这么多活 ‘Show me the legal basis for making me work so hard…’
给我这么多压力超负荷的劳动 ‘…and giving me this unbearable pressure, this overload…’
累得我浑身每天直哆嗦 ‘…that makes me tremble with fatigue every day?’
在2012年2月二十七八号我给人洗衣服 On 27 or 28 February 2012, I was doing laundry for someone
我们队长说谁让刘华洗衣服就得挨加期 when the head of our unit said: ‘Whoever lets Liu Hua wash her clothes will get extra time added on.’
吓得她们都不敢让我洗衣服 Nobody dared give me laundry to do after that.
那时候我没有活就开始挨靠挨饿 I had no earnings and began to starve.
在车间有时那法轮功学员还有普教她们 In the workshop, when Falungong practitioners and ordinary inmates
有些活干不了的情况下 had some jobs that they couldn’t do well
有时干不好或不会干 or didn’t know how to do,
我教她们的情况下她们可怜我 I taught them and they took pity on me.
包括法轮功学员 The inmates, including Falungong practitioners,
这个给我买点那个给我买点我将就点 helped me get by with a bite to eat here and there.
要不我就带一块馒头到车间 Sometimes I took a steamed bun to the workshop…
饿了就偷偷啃两口 …and took a nibble or two in secret when I was hungry.
哪怕它凉了我也得啃 I’d eat it even if it was cold,
因为不吃没有劲干不了这活 because otherwise I wouldn’t have the strength to work.
我现在这个手筋拿个碗都拿不起 The tendons in my hands have been injured. I can’t hold a bowl.
拿个水杯啪地就掉到地上了 I drop cups all the time.
这个手筋都累坏了这两个手筋都要累坏了 This hand is destroyed. Both hands were overused.
那活一天是二百二十件数量是三分钟一件衣服 I had to work on 220 jackets a day. That’s three minutes a jacket.
但是我们不是一道工序而是七八道工序, It wasn’t a single workstation—we’d have to work at seven or eight different workstations.
二百二十件七八道工序 220 jackets, each with seven or eight workstations.
你想想那是常人难以想象的 It’s hard for ordinary people to imagine.
直到现在我还是心肌缺血 Ever since, I’ve had this heart problem…
我走路不能走时间太长 …and can’t walk for long.
像我在那里的3年当中 During the three years I spent in the labour camp,
我被她们打了3次 I was beaten up three times
每次打时都是队长支持代工牢头狱霸打我 by the prisoner forewoman, with support by the brigade captains and unit heads.
为的就是让我服从她们认罪认错 They wanted me to obey them and admit my guilt and wrongdoing.
如果你不认罪不认错那就得受体罚虐待殴打 When you don’t admit guilt or wrongdoing, you get physical punishment, abuse, and beatings.
你就要尝尽人间之苦 You’ll experience unbearable suffering.





每天干活都是200多数量 Every day our job quota was always over 200,
是3分钟一件衣服是一个流水线 one piece every three minutes for the entire production process.
做的是军品 We made military uniforms
就是中国人民解放军武警部队警察服装 for the PLA armed police,
但签的合同是辽宁欣誉服装有限公司的 but the contracts were with the Liaoning Xinyu Garment Co. Ltd,
或者是辽宁沈阳5305部队的 or with PLA Unit 5305 in Shenyang,
或者是长春市职业服装三五〇四服装有限公司的 or the Changchun 3504 Career Clothing Co. Ltd.
还有外贸的活 There were also jobs contracted from foreign companies.
什么意大利的活还有南韩的衬衣 Some from Italy, shirts for a South Korean company as well.
说白了我们就是工具和奴隶 We were just tools and slaves.
2012年2月份到4月份 From February to April 2012,
我们一大队还做了南韩的衬衣三万六千件 our brigade made 36,000 shirts for a South Korean company.
2011年6月1号到8月24号 From 1 June to 24 August 2011,
我们做了将近五万件意大利的大棉袄 we made nearly 50,000 down coats for the Italians.
一天要做四百二十件鸭绒里面的内胆羽绒 We had to make 420 inner linings for duck down coats.
我告诉你在做羽绒当中 I tell you, when we worked with duck down,
我们的脸全都是小毛毛 our faces were covered with tiny feathers
就能看见两个眼睛 with only two eyes visible
剩下的脸只能看见鸭绒那毛毛 and the rest of the face covered with down.
就像小鸡雏似的掉蛋壳的那小鸡雏似的 We looked like newly born chicks coming out our shells.
白的绒嘟嘟的看不着眼睛 White, covered in down, eyes barely visible…
整个脸全都是绒毛毛 …feathers all over our faces.
因为当时天还热六月阳历六月的天 It was June, very hot…
还不让我们洗澡一个月都不让我们洗一回澡 …yet we were not allowed to take a shower for a month.
那身上简直是大汗淋漓 We were drenched in sweat.
因为那个窗还不能开不能有空调 We couldn’t open the window or turn on air conditioning,
那里头就闷着因为它有毛 because the air had to be kept still due to the feathers,
怕毛飞起来那就闷着 lest they start flying about. The room was stuffy,
在那里头桑拿 like a sauna.
在桑拿和蒸煮的情况下在干那羽毛的活 We made the down liners in these stuffy and boiling-hot conditions.
什么我们那肺啊肝里头五脏里头都受感染 Our lungs, our livers, everything became infected.
为什么里头都是些化纤啊羽绒啊 It was because the filling had polyester fibre and down…
也不戴口罩什么装饰(防护用品)都没有 …and we weren’t wearing masks, we didn’t have any kind of protective equipment.
就那么拿着棍子毛装在里面啪啪打 So, we had to beat the filling with a stick
羽毛才能柔软 so the down would be soft.
你想想那简直不是人呆的地方 Just think, it’s just not a place for people to be.
那简直是哎吆鼻子眼睛脸都特别痒 It’s just, ugh, our noses and eyes and faces would be especially itchy,
我们的眼睛都是干涩干涩的 our eyes dry.
所以我那十个月我的眼睛都是干涩的 So for those ten months our eyes were completely dry and red.
都是红的里面是红眼 We would get pinkeye
外面都是烂的一圈一圈的 and the area around our eyes would be all infected.
还做南韩的服装还做意大利的服装 We also made clothes for South Korean and Italian companies.
我们还做我二姐批发的牛仔裤 We also made the jeans that my sister sells wholesale…
还做那武警的裤子做那么一条裤子 …and pants for the armed police.
你知道吗那裤子做的特别严 The quota for those pants was severe, you know?
一天要做三百四十件裤子 We had to make 340 pairs a day.
那简直紧张得那简直累得手都肿了 We would be so stressed and tired, our hands red and swollen.
这些手关节整个都是风湿 The joints in our hands would be stiff with rheumatism.
那个军队基本上都是军队 The troops—they were basically all troops…
北京中央军委的武警 …armed police from the Central Military Commission in Beijing—
军队的去检查我们做活的质量 they would inspect the quality of the things we’d make.
因为我们天天做的是化纤也不戴口罩 Because we were working with polyester fibre every day and weren’t wearing masks
因为我们闭着门眼睛都是干涩干涩的 and we were shut in, our eyes all dry.
我已经回来四个多月了 I’ve been home for over four months now
我的眼睛还是干涩干涩的疼 and my eyes still ache from the dryness.
因为那里的化纤嘛化纤多 Because of all of the polyester in the workshop
污染眼睛就造成了感染 and the pollution, my eyes became infected.
所以我在那里头 2月份 In February, when I was in there,
我看到辽宁省森林指挥部森林防火服 I was making fire fighter uniforms for the Liaoning Forest Fire Prevention Command
森林警察穿的那个衣服是金黄色的 The forest ranger uniforms are golden yellow
那个衣服特别刺眼化纤特别厉害 and were especially hard on the eyes, and the polyester was awful.
看做的那个活看完以后 After having to look at them while we made them
眼睛全部花 My vision would get all blurry.
二十岁的小孩做那个活老盯着盯着瞅着 A 20-year-old youth in that kind of work, looking so closely at them,
做那活都花眼 their eyes would go blurry, too.
干那活三分钟做完一件衣服 We had to finish a uniform in three minutes.
要求质量还要求数量 They demanded both quality and quantity.
每天都超负荷劳动机器哗哗地在跑 Each day we were overworked, the machines clanging,
跑那衣服的时候机器都冒烟全是烟 billowing smoke as we’d be sewing.
你想想它跑的速度多快 Think about it, they would be working so fast
电动机跑一趟冒的全是蓝烟 that as the motor ran, blue smoke would rise out.
那简直都烫手手摸到机器的针上都能烫熟 It was scalding hot, if we touched the needle of the machine we’d get burned
都烫出水泡因为它的工作量大 and develop a blister. The machines had to work so hard,
电机哗哗哗哗一天老转 clang, clang, clanging all day,
一天几台机器干的数量都达到上千数量 one machine made over a thousand uniforms a day.
因为一个人都干三个工序 A single person had to work at three, four,
四个工序甚至五个工序 or even five workstations at once.
你知道吗以前走的那个哑巴 Do you know, that mute lady who left,
大连的那个哑巴 the one from Dalian?
一天都干五个工序到六个工序 She had to work five to six stations a day.
一般人能干吗哑巴干的活 Could an ordinary person do that, let alone a mute woman?
特别特别快特别特别多 You had to work really quickly and complete a lot…
因为你干不好就得挨打 …because if you didn’t, you’d get a beating.
叫到小黑屋啪啪打 You’d be called to a small, dark room and POW! POW!
队长都拿着拿着缝纫机胶皮带 The head of the unit would whip the inmate
抽那学员把那身上抽得一道一道的 with the belt from a sewing machine, leaving lots of scars on the body.
洗澡的时候看看 When we would shower, we could see…
满身抽得都是一道道的 …her entire body would be covered in lashes.
马三家那里头说白了, Put simply, Masanjia
就是高墙电网内的司法独立的黑监狱黑加工厂 was an illegal factory in an illegal prison behind an electric fence beyond the reach of the law.
就是黑加工厂 It was an illegal factory.
包括中国人民解放军军委都参与迫害我们了 Even the PLA Central Military Commission joined in persecuting us.
我们做那活给长春市三五〇四职业服装有限公司 We worked for Changchun 3504 Career Clothing Co. Ltd.,
那是一个部队的职业服装有限公司做的代加工 a military-run occupational garment company that produced for other companies,
包括辽宁省欣誉服装有限公司 including Liaoning Xinyu Garments Ltd.
那个王老板 Boss Wang,
他家有亲戚在中国人民解放军武装警察装备研究所 he had relatives in the PLA Armed Police Equipment Research Institute
所以那活他整个都揽过来 So he brought everything the Institute needed to us,
全是马三家在做 all of it was done at Masanjia.
因为马三家做的那军品活和辽宁省大北监狱是一样的活 The military supplies we made were the same as what they made at Dabei Prison in Liaoning Province,
但是我们享受的却是大北监狱的特殊监狱 but we enjoyed ‘special treatment’ compared to Dabei Prison.
因为大北监狱它要按法律去做 At Dabei Prison, they had to do things by the law.
他们还有礼拜天礼拜六休息 They got to rest at weekends
一天干活有几个小时 and worked for a set number of hours a day,
不能超过八个小时 no more than eight.
但是我们都干九个半小时到十个小时 But we worked for 9-1/2 to 10 hours a day.
还有时间和数量所限制 And they had restrictions on time and quantity, too.
你想想我们是在什么样的高压蒸煮的情况下在生存 Just think of the type of raging, high-pressure conditions we were living under.





马三家的车间是正房南北房 The Masanjia workshop was a large, single room with windows facing north and south.
它那车间是东西的流水线 It was an assembly line workshop set up from east to west,
在流水线的最东边有个仓房一百多平米大 There was a storeroom on the easternmost side just over 100 square meters in size.
那个仓库是私设的公堂又是超市又是小吃部 That storeroom served as a private tribunal, a grocery, and a snack room.
为什么这么说呢 I call it this because
那里头有电饭锅电炒勺锅碗瓢盆全有 it had an electric cooker, electric wok, and all kinds of cooking instruments.
哪个学员干活不好她们的代工就打 Any inmate who didn’t do her job well would be beaten by their forewoman.
打完以后就给家里打电话, Then they’d call her home
家人直接可以带来什么海鲜螃蟹啊这些海物 asking her family to bring some things – seafood, crabs, and the like,
队长她们的零嘴啊包括大杏仁啊桃啊 snacks for the brigade captains and unit heads, like almonds, peaches,
加上枣什么的 and jujubes and such.
这些营养补品都是代工打学员打出来的 These healthy snacks were all beaten out of the inmates by the forewoman.
她们的队长上班就是一身轻什么都不干 The brigade captains and unit heads had easy jobs, they didn’t have to do anything.
包括裤头都是学员给洗的 Even their underpants were washed for them by inmates.
包括她用的卫生纸日用品零嘴 Toilet paper, toiletries, snacks—
全是学员买的 all of it would be purchased by the inmates.
(墙壁)上面写着不允许队长吃零嘴 There were signs on the wall saying that the brigade captains and unit heads weren’t allowed to snack,
但她们后面的桌子上 but every day on their table in the back
每天都是水果食品都摆着 they had an array of fruits and snacks.
简直像皇上似的都有贡品 They were like emperors with their tribute.
那都是队长让牢头狱霸代工赵兰打人打出来的 All of that was beaten out of the inmates for the brigade captains and unit heads by the jailhouse enforcer and forewoman, Zhao Lan.
在马三家要想当代工(警察的代理人)都得花钱 If you wanted to be a forewoman (a proxy of the police) in Masanjia, you had to pay money.
像赵兰吸毒的 2011年1月份进去的 Take Zhao Lan, who entered Masanjia in January 2011 for using drugs.
2012年3月1日她开始当代工 She became a forewoman on 1 March 2012.
她就是能打人只要你把产量打出来了 She was able to hit us. They could make a profit if they beat us
能得到利润了队长就欢迎她 into producing, so the unit heads welcomed her to do so.
队长支持她队长要使个眼神 They supported her. The head of the unit only needed to give a wink
她就可以随便打人 and Zhao Lan could beat people as she pleased.
一打就出产量了 Beatings yielded profits,
谁要怕打怕累谁就得花钱买期 so if you didn’t want to be beaten or be tired, you had to buy a sentence reduction.
“四防”是管理食堂纪律的 The ‘four guards’ included a ‘guard’ who supervised discipline in the canteen,
管室内纪律的 a ‘guard’ who supervised discipline in the dormitories,
还有一个管发药品的 a ‘guard’ who supervised the issuance of medications,
还有一个管批改作业的 and a ‘guard’ who supervised the correction of assignments.
因为学员写的作业队长是不批改的 Because the unit heads didn’t correct inmates’ assignments,
是她们“四防”和“坐班”在批改作业 the ‘four guards’ and ‘managers’ corrected them.
所以她们都得花钱 They paid a lot to do it.
“四防”花得多点 The ‘four guards’ paid more.
四个人一个人要花七八万 Each one of the four had to pay seventy or eighty thousand to get her position.
像“坐班”是管各个分队各个寝室的 And each ‘manager’ supervised each dormitory in a unit.
一个分队两个“坐班” Each unit had two ‘managers,’
一个寝室里有一个室长 and each dormitory had a dorm head
室长也得花钱 who had also paid for her position.
“坐班”得花五六万 ‘Managers’ had to pay fifty or sixty thousand for their positions,
室长得花四五万 and the dorm heads forty or fifty thousand.
买吃的还不算还得给赵兰花钱 We not only had to pay to buy food, we also had to pay Zhao Lan
还得给大队长小队长花钱 and pay the brigade and unit leaders.
还得买零嘴吃食品哪营养品哪 We had to pay for snacks, food, nutritional supplements,
还有日用品哪基本上队长上班衣服都是学员给洗 and daily necessities. Usually when the unit heads were on duty, they’d give their clothes to the inmates to wash.
所有的零嘴营养品水果 All our snacks, supplements, fruits,
都是“坐班”和“四防”买 were purchased by the ‘manager’ and ‘four guards.’
还有在车间干轻快活的也得花钱买 If you wanted lighter work in the workshop, you also had to pay up.
她们都是花钱买期和卖期 They bought and sold people's terms in there as well.
像我们上访的这帮人进去的 Like our group of petitioners, when we entered
都是政府给她们(劳教所)钱 the government paid them (the labour camp) money.
像盖凤珍进去的时候 Like when Gai Fengzhen was sent in,
沈阳市政府为她给劳教所拿了六万块钱 the Shenyang government paid the labour camp sixty thousand for her.
盖凤珍在里头呢因为她的身体有病不能干活 Gai Fengzhen's health was poor, so she couldn't work.
反正她一直抗拒和反迫害 Since she always resisted and protested against persecution
她一直被关在小号里呆着 they kept her locked in a small room,
自己单独一个房间呆着 all by herself.
像我们这些上访的包括我 Like those of us petitioners—including me…
那里头的大队长任红赞说 Ren Hongzan, the brigade captain, said,
我们不愿意要你们 ‘We didn't want you.’
你们来了就是“刺儿头”不听话 ‘You've been disobedient, difficult nits since you all got here…’
一天到晚老跟我们反迫害 ‘…complaining about persecution all day long.’
抗议这个抗议那个 ‘You protest this, you protest that…’
老不认罪认错 ‘…never admitting any guilt or wrongdoing.’
你们寻思我们愿意要你们哪 ‘Think about it! Why would we want you?’
是你们政府给我们拿钱了 ‘The government gave us money to take you.’
第一次我进去的时候任红赞告诉我 The first time I was sent there, Ren Hongzan told me:
它(政府)要不拿几万块钱我们能要你吗 ‘If the government didn't give us tens of thousands of yuan, would we want you here?’
我说我们犯什么罪 I said: ‘What crime did we commit?’
凭什么我们要养活你们这些司法的贪官污吏 ‘Why do we have to provide sustenance for you corrupt law enforcement officials?’
她说那我们管不着 She said: ‘Well, that's just none of your concern.’
只要公安抓了送进来我们就收你们 ‘As long as the police arrest you and bring you in here, we'll accept you.’
到这里就得强迫你们劳动 ‘You all come here, you have to be forced to work…’
强迫你们改造强迫教育你 ‘and forced to reform yourselves and be educated.’
代工赵兰也说过队长让我干啥我就干啥 Zhao Lan, the forewoman, once said: ‘I only do whatever the brigade captains and unit heads tell me to do.’
我一天打你们白打啊 ‘I beat you all day and it’s all for nothing.’
赵兰走的时候 2012年7月13号解除的 Zhao Lan was released on 13 July 2012.
她12号早晨在室内在209房间和我住在一个屋里 On the morning of the 12th, she was in room 209, where I was staying.
她自己说我打你们都白打啊 She said: ‘I beat you all day for nothing.’
大队长一个月能挣一万多块钱 ‘The brigade captains earn over 10,000 yuan per month.’
小队长一个月能挣五千多块钱 ‘The unit heds make over 5,000 per month.’
我(十八个月)拿一万六千多块钱还算钱哪 ‘And I made over sixteen thousand (over 18 months), does that even count?’
那都不算钱吃的还不算 ‘None of it counts, even the food doesn’t count.’
在那里赵兰有计算机看着看电视剧 Zhao Lan had a computer in the camp that she'd use to watch television dramas.
脸上有面膜护着 She always had facial masks on her face .
净擦高级雪花膏化妆品 She used expensive face creams and cosmetics.
经常吃最高级的营养品 She regularly took expensive nutritional supplements.
那一袋大枣营养品要六十多块钱 A bag of jujubes there was over 60 yuan.
一个苹果都五六块钱吃的非常好 A single apple was five or six yuan. She ate really well.
可是我们这些上访的呢 For us, the petitioners,
干不动也得干她们拿我们权钱交易 We had to work even though we were too weak to work. They used us as a tool for their trade between money and power.
包括法轮功学员 They used the Falungong practitioners as well.
国家为她们一个月拨一万块钱给劳教所 The state gave the labour camp 10,000 a month for them,
让她们转化思想改造学习费 so they could be ‘converted’; the money was for their ideological reform.
给她们给马三家 They gave it to them, to Masanjia.
可是我们呢也要好几万块钱才能收进去 They had to pay tens of thousands before the labour camp would accept us as well
在那里我们就成了权钱交易的牺牲品和物质品了 In Masanjia we became victims and goods in their trade…
拿我们卖钱了 …selling us for money.
在马三家那些女干警队长 The female police officers who served as brigade captains and unit heads at Masanjia
她们的素质特别低 had terrible characters,
连农村家庭妇女都不如 lower even than rural housewives.
简直是一群无赖和泼妇 They were nothing but a group of scoundrels and shrews.
她们心眼特别小 They were extremely selfish.
谁要不给买吃的就会找你的毛病 If you didn't buy them things to eat, then they’d find fault with you.
要不就给你加期要不就打你 Or else you’d get time added to your term or you'd be beaten.
找代工打你 They'd get the forewoman to beat you.
她们吃的用的基本上都是学员的 Everything they ate and used was from the inmates
可是她们自己说了 But they would say:
我们有什么素质什么素质都不需要 ‘Who cares about character? We don't need any character.’
只要管住你们什么法不法 ‘We only need to supervise you. Who cares about the law?’
只要是强制性让你们完成任务 ‘We only need to make you finish your assignments.’
这就是我们的任务 ‘That's what we've been assigned to do.’





在马三家车间活特别累 Our work in the Masanjia workshop was terribly tiring.
吃的也不好 Our food wasn’t good either.
我们一到上午九点半以后 After 9:30 AM…
就饿得剐心剐肝 …we would be aching from hunger inside.
整个浑身都饿得突突的 Our whole bodies would shudder
整个身子都发抖 and shake,
整个身体一点劲儿也没有 not an ounce of energy left in our bodies.
所以我们就得偷着带点儿东西 So we had to sneak in stuff to eat,
藏在怀里头藏在内衣兜里头 hiding them in our bosom, in our underwear.
我这衣服里头还有个兜这么大的兜 We had pockets in our clothes, about this big.
看这兜都搞到内衣兜里头带着 See, we used these pockets to hide snacks in our underclothes.
带着等到上厕所的那五六分钟功夫 We’d keep them there till our five- or six-minute bathroom break,
带到厕所里 then take them to the bathroom
这边撒大便这边吃东西因为饿呀 and eat them while taking a shit, because we were hungry.
如果要在车间被队长看见吃东西 If we were caught snacking by the unit leaders
就得被挨打加期 we’d get more beatings and have time added to our terms.
所以谁也不敢在车间吃东西 So no one dared to eat in there.
我们在车间坐的那个四四方方的小板凳经常挨搜 The square benches where we sat in the workshop were frequently searched.
那里头只可以搞个水杯 We could only have a water cup,
别的什么都不让放 nothing else was allowed.
水杯和手纸可以放里面 We could have our water cup and toilet tissue
吃的东西都不可以放在那里头 but no food.
所以都在自己的内衣兜里藏着 So we had to hide it in our underwear
上厕所时这边撒大便这边吃 and eat in the toilet while we had a shit.
明明知道恶心但你也得吃 It’d make us want to retch, but we had to snack.
因为不吃它饿呀 We’d starve if we didn’t.
就这样的情况下 Because of this,
队长还要带着口罩上厕所看着我们 the team leaders would also put on masks and look in on us in the toilet.
还有“坐班”专门有个“坐班”看厕所 Also the ‘managers’—there was a manager just to watch the toilets…
看着我们 …and keep an eye on us,
特别看着上访的和法轮功学员 especially the petitioners and Falungong practitioners.
进去马上就得出来 We’d have to exit quickly after we went in,
因为她们怕我们在里面说话唠嗑 because hey were afraid that we’d be talking and chatting in there.
怕我们在里面团结起来去对付她们反迫害 They feared we’d get together to settle scores with them.
所以她们始终是盯梢看着我们管着我们 So they’d always be following us, watching us, supervising us.
我在那里头就是每天带一个馒头 I would hide a steamed bun in my pocket each day.
馒头都是凉很硬的情况下 They’d always be cold and hard.
我就得这边大便这边吃馒头 I had to eat them while I’d shit…
因为吃点心里就不那么难受了 …because I’d feel a bit better when I ate
不那么抓心挠肝地疼了 and wouldn’t ache so much from worries.
所以在那里头她们经常是吃点苹果啊 So the inmates would usually eat apples
再不就是吃点馒头啊再不就吃点饼干啊 or else steamed buns or biscuits.
带点点心什么的在那里吃 They’d sneak in a little snack to eat.
上访的郑艳杰她们加上苏桂芝她们 The petitioners—Zheng Yanjie, Su Guizhi, and them—
这些上访的都是在厕所里吃 they would eat in the toilet.
不在厕所里吃因为我们身体都承受不了 Those who would not eat in the toilet would become deathly thin
所以那些孩子在那里头基本上都瘦得要命 because their health could not take it.
因为那里的活太累所以就得在那里吃 The work there was so exhausting so we had to eat
没有别的地方可以吃 but there was no place to do so.
因为我们在里头一天连水都不能喝 We couldn’t even drink water during the day,
你要完不成任务你就不能上一次厕所 because if we didn’t finish our work then we couldn’t go to the toilet
也不能吃一点东西 and thus couldn’t have a snack
只有上厕所才能吃东西 because we could only snack in the toilet.





那里的队长说司法部有规定 One of the unit leaders there said: ‘According to the Ministry of Justice Regulations,’
强制把你们不好的思想观念 ‘We must treat your bad notions...’
好像牙刷刷牙似的都给清理得干干净净的 ‘...like a toothbrush brushing teeth, forcibly cleansing them until they are all clean.’
让你们一天二十四小时什么都不去想 ‘We won’t let you think, 24 hours a day.’
植物人似的啥都不知道 ‘Like a person in a vegetative state. You will no longer know anything.’
她们想怎么摆弄就怎么摆弄 They could do whatever they wanted to you.
我们沈阳苏家屯区有个叫胡秀芬 A woman named Hu Xiufen from Sujiatun, Shenyang,
她第一次劳教是在2007年7月30号 was first sent to the labour camp on 30 July 2007.
在一大队(副大队长)王淑征让她给刷鞋 She was in the first brigade. [The deputy brigade captain] Wang Shuzheng made Hu brush her shoes for her.
让她给洗身上的衣服 She wanted Hu to wash her clothes…
揭她脸上糊的面膜 …and take off her facial mask,
让她给粘面膜让她给揭面膜 Put the mask on for her and take it off again.
她就不给她粘也不给她揭 But Hu refused to do all of that.
因为她是上访的她说我没有错 She was a petitioner. She said: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’
我不给你揭这个玩意儿 ‘I’m not doing this for you.’
我没有权利你也没有权力让我伺候你 ‘I don’t have rights and you don’t have the power to make me wait on you like that.’
她们就开始打她给她弄到东岗的小号里头 Then they started beating her. They put her in solitary confinement
给她吊起来十字吊起来上了大挂 and hung her up, arms stretched out like a T, fully suspended.
她自己说的上了大挂 She told us herself about being suspended like that…
上了七天七夜 …for seven days and seven nights.
最后给她放下来 Finally, they let her down.
她的两只胳膊和腿全肿了 Her arms and legs had all swollen.
小便处被脚踢得肿得撒不出尿来 Her urethra had been kicked so badly, it was so swollen she couldn’t urinate.
2007年7月30号正好给她挂了七天 On 30 July 2007, they hung her up for seven days.
等2009年7月份又给她抓进去了 In July 2009, they sent her to re-education through labour again.
说胡秀芬煽动怎么怎么她能煽动什么 They said Hu Xiufen had committed incitement, but what crime could she have incited?!
到国家信访局门口还没进信访大厅里头 When she got to the National Petition Office she couldn’t even get inside the lobby!
就被他们截回去了又给她教养一年半 She was immediately escorted back and sent to the labour camp for 1-1/2 years.
她教养第一年中被队长打了十八次 In her first year at the camp, the unit leaders beat her 18 times.
(大队长)王艳萍在2011年3月20号 On 20 March 2011, Brigade Captain Wang Yanping
那天下午是三点十分下班 Called her over at 3 PM.
三点钟就把她叫过去 That afternoon the workday was due to end at 3:10.
就让她必须承认从今以后再不告法院 She told Hu to promise not to complain about the court again in future.
你要写不再告法院了就不再打你 ‘You must write that you will stop complaining about the court. Then we will stop beating you.’
告法院就打你 ‘But if you complain about the court, we’ll beat you.’
(她不写)就把她两个手背起来 (She didn’t write it) so they cuffed her hands behind her back…
用手铐铐上给她吊起来 …and hung her up by her handcuffs.
拿电棍过她打她拿鞋底抽她的脸 And then they beat her with an electric baton and slapped her face with the soles of their shoes.
拿着铁锹把十分钟就把铁锹把打断了 They used a shovel handle to beat her. After 10 minutes they had broken the handle.
哎吆她回来时那后背的衣服全都打飞了 Oh! When she came back, the clothes on her back had fallen to pieces.
衣服全都打开了后面的脖子上 Her clothes were torn all over and at the back of her neck…
有这么大两块大包紫色的黑紫色的 …she had two big bruises, purple and black.
特别特别残忍 It was really particularly brutal.
第二天她当着马三家女所所长的面 The next day, she went before the director of the Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp,
姓顾顾所长把衣服脱下来说 a woman surnamed Gu. She said, ‘Director Gu,’
顾所长你看 ‘Look, Director Gu.’
她光着大膀子你看这让她们打的 She took her clothes off. ‘See, this is from how they beat me.’
顾所长递一个眼神让尤然大队长领到二楼 The director gave only one look. She called for Brigade Captain You Ran to come to the second floor…
又给她打了一顿又用电棍过了一顿 …to beat and electroshock her again.
给她加期加了一个月 They also added a month to her term.
结果她被打残了一年被打了十八次 She was left crippled by the beatings. They beat her eighteen times in one year.
哎吆那脸被打得全都打肿起来了都是黑色的 Oh! Her face was swollen all over, it was all bruised and black.
那里头叫张瑜的大队长打她的脸 A brigade captain named Zhang Yu beat her in the face,
一打就是三十个耳刮子。 30 slaps at a time.
等上面来检查的时候弄个大口罩给她戴上 When the inspectors came, she was given a facemask to wear.



胡秀芬在她的控告状中写道: Hu Xiufen wrote in her complaint:

马三家女子劳教所警察对我实施酷刑共26次 The Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp tortured me 26 times.
……把我的手一上一下斜对角吊铐在双层单人床上 They shackled me to the lower and higher levels of a twin-size bunk bed by the diagonally opposed hands and feet
站不起来又坐不下 so I could neither stand nor sit.
双手被铐子勒得血液不通 Cuffs squeezed both hands so much the blood could not flow through.
青紫肿得像馒头 I had bruises swollen to the size of steamed buns.
如同分尸一样崩裂痛苦难忍 It felt as though I was a body being cut into pieces, it was horribly painful.
直到僵硬不能伸屈 I could not flex my limbs, they were so stiff.
摘下铐子抡一抡(胳膊)再铐上 They took the shackles off so I could move [turn] my arms, and then put the shackles back on.
就这样反复折磨七昼夜…… They tortured me like this repeatedly for seven days and nights.
扒光我全身衣服 They took off all my clothes…
把我平铐在单人双层床上 …and shackled me to a twin-size bunk bed,
双腿用布带扎紧 fastening my legs with a cloth belt.
上午三人轮流殴打嘴巴子 In the morning, three people would take turns slapping me on the mouth.
下午又用警棍轮流殴打足有四十分钟 In the afternoon they took turns beating my feet with an electric baton for 40 minutes at a time.



本溪有个叫高慧民现在还在教养院里 There’s a woman from Benxi named Gao Huimin who is still in the camp.
因为她儿子被人杀了人命案子 Her son had been killed. It was a homicide case.
告状嘛被她们打得残疾 She complained, and they beat her. She was left disabled.
每天晚上她的腿疼她都要跪在地上 In the evenings, her leg was always hurting. She normally knelt on the floor…
这样爬像狗那么爬 …and crawled around, like a dog.
每天晚上她在车间也要爬 In the evening she also crawled out from the workshop.
爬两个小时她才能站起来 Only after she had crawled for two hours, could she get up.
她走走道啪地躺在地下 As she walked along the corridor, she tumbled down to the floor.
队长都不扶扶她都不扶 Even so, the unit leaders didn’t give her support…
她就爬慢慢地在那儿爬 …so she crawled. She slowly crawled along.
每天我们都吃是十一点半收工十二点吃完饭 Each day we finished the morning shift at 11:30 and finished lunch by 12 noon.
她都是到十二点才能从车间“走”回来 But she could only ‘walk’ back from the workshop by 12 noon.
一走一蹭一走一蹭 Creeping along, dragging herself ever so slowly,
根本就走不了道楼都上不了 she had no way of walking along the corridor and could not get up to the upper floors.
在这种情况下 Even so…
每天还要按产量一天一百八到二百的产量给她 …she had to fulfil her quota of 180 to 200 pieces every day
让她完成任务 in order to complete her assigned task.
就是爬着走爬着知道吗 And she could only crawl, crawl, you know?
还有那个曹凤芝高血压眩晕症上来的时候 There was also that Cao Fengzhi. She had high blood pressure. Whenever she got vertigo
在车间哇哇地吐爬起来还得干活 she retched and threw up inside the workshop. Then she had to get back up and go on working.
我们这些上访人就是半拉死就是活死人 We petitioners, we were half-dead. We were the living dead.
虽然你活着但是你的身体是死人的身体 Although you were alive, your body was already dead.
根本就干不了活 You couldn’t do any work.
小鬼还有自由还可以到处游荡 The ghosts were still free, they could roam about wherever they wanted.
我们连小鬼也不如我们就是一个动物 But we were not even like the ghosts. We were just animals.


赵敏 49上访人 Zhao Min, 49, Petitioner

在马三家女子劳教所遭到酷刑折磨 Tortured at Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp

在以子宫扩张器扩张开嘴强行灌食中 Force-fed via a uterine dilator

被大队长王艳萍用钢勺子撬掉一颗牙齿 Tooth knocked out by captain Wang Yanping wielding a steel ladle


赵敏拉肚 就在小号(4平方米的禁闭室)那儿喊

Zhao Min had diarrhea. She yelled inside the Small Room (a 4 sqm solitary cell).

赵敏冷得(拉肚) 水泥地 光着脚

Zhao Min got diarrhea from walking barefoot on the cold cement floor.

赵敏不是踢吗? 上老虎凳

Zhao Min kept kicking, right? That got her put on the Tiger Bench.


(They) took her shoes.

赵敏把鞋扒下来砸那灯 砸那个监控探头

Zhao Min had used her shoes to smash the light and surveillance camera.


Even where we crapped in the Small Room we’d be under surveillance.

赵敏就砸 砸那监控

Zhao Min tried to smash the camera,


So her shoes got thrown out.

啥也没有了 没法砸了

There’d be nothing to smash it with.

然后 (警察)就给赵敏上小号

Then (the police) put Zhao Min in the Small Room.

上小号的时候 还给她穿着衣服是吧?

Was she wearing clothes in the Small Room?

在小号穿着衣服 赵敏没有被子

She was wearing clothes, but Zhao Min had no quilt.

她不要 就睡在地板上

She didn’t want one. She just slept on the floor.

她在老虎凳上坐了多久? 赵敏坐了老多次了

How long was she on the Tiger Bench? She’d been on it many times.

就我来的时候 她坐了好几回

When I arrived, she had already done the Tiger Bench quite a few times.

已经记不住了 当天晚上就坐

I can’t remember well. She was on it that night.

她坐着 大小便怎么办呢?

She just sat there. What if she needed to pee or shit?


They won’t let you relieve yourself [on the Tiger Bench].


Zhao Min defecated/shat in her pants.

后来挪到另一个屋 拉得到处都是

Later she was moved to another cell. The shit got everywhere.

挪到死号 咱们叫死号

They moved her to the Death Cell – we call it Death Cell.

连个眼(朝外呼吸的空隙)都没有 是水泥地

There isn’t any sort of ventilation there, everything’s cement.


Zhao Min was still barefoot.


She just shat in her pants?

裤子里也是 外头也是

Inside her pants, outside her pants

地上也是 哪儿都是

On the floor as well, shit was everywhere.

坐老虎凳 自己也脱不了裤子

(She was) on the Tiger Bench. She couldn’t pull down her pants herself.


She was locked on the Tiger Bench.

拉尿就只能拉成什么样就什么样? 嗯

So they just let her stay sitting in her own shit? Yes.

第二天 把她放下来的时候

The second day, she was relieved from there.

不拉肚吗? 自己都有坏(月经)来了

She had diarrhea, right? And her period as well.


At first, they didn’t even allow her to wash herself.


No washing?

啊 赵敏就急了 就让赵敏洗了

Yeah, then Zhao Min got frantic, so they let her wash.

那味儿整的 老大了

The smell was, oh, so wretched.

她正好跟我对门嘛 是死号

She was in the Death Cell, just opposite of mine.


(The Death Cell) has no ventilation.

门呢 有一个小窟窿眼

Except for the door, where there’s a tiny hole.

没有地板 是水泥地

There were no floor-boards, just cement.

第二天好像又给上了小号 上老虎凳了

The second day I think (she) was sent back to Small Room and the Tiger Bench.

我记得 连续好几天都给她上老虎凳子

As far I can remember, she was put on the Tiger Bench for days on end.


It would happen without warning.

拿监控器来监控你 上厕所干啥都能看着

(They) watched you through the camera, even when you were on the toilet.


So Zhao Min tried to smash the camera.


Zhao Min probably had her period that day.

赵敏就嫌他妈屄的太欺负人了 侵犯人权

Zhao Min f***ing hated them, such a violation of her human rights.

是来例假了吗? 对

She was having her period? Right.

就这么整 这个老虎凳就在那儿呢

Off you go, onto the Tiger Bench.

我对着不是死号吗 还有一个死号

My cell was opposite the Death Cell. There was another Death Cell.

那个就是仓库 那屋有好几个老虎凳子

That’s a warehouse. There were many Tiger Benches inside.


Can you describe what a Tiger Bench looks like?

老虎凳子是什么样呢? 我没坐

What does a Tiger Bench look like? I wasn’t put on one.

但我知道 我看到了

But I know what they’re like, I’ve seen them.


The one Zhu Guiqin sat on wasn’t as advanced as they are now.


It was just steel chains at that time.

弄朱桂芹的时候 锁扣子和锁链子

At the time Zhu was tortured, they used a lock and chains.

把人扣在凳子上 也是固定

You’d be chained to the bench, held in place.

你越动弹 带牙齿的手铐子锁得越紧

The more you’d move, the tighter the barbed handcuffs would get.

对不? 赵敏坐的那个 我看见了

Right? I saw the one Zhao Min was put on.


I even got the courage to touch it.

整一整 我为啥整呢?

Have a touch. Why did I do that?

它那个就像我们门锁似的 咔

It was like a door lock, click

就锁在那儿了 赵敏的手脖子上是粗铐子

And then it was locked. The cuffs on Zhao Min’s hands were rough.


Her wrists were swollen.


If you have slim wrists, they just locked your hands in chains.

我看了老虎凳子 怎么比以前的高级了呢?

I saw a Tiger Bench. How was it more advanced than before?

朱桂芹那会儿(坐老虎凳子) 我也看到过

I also saw the one Zhu Guiqin was on.

手脖子和脚脖子 那儿扣住的地方都是铁的

Your wrists and ankles are chained, all in steel.


The slightest movement and your skin would be lacerated.



一个法轮功学员是辽宁省抚顺市的 There was a Falungong practitioner from Fushun in Liaoning
叫王金凤 47岁看上去像六十多岁的人 named Wang Jinfeng. She was 47 years old, but she looked as though she was over 60.
她不服从她们的那里的司法的规定 Because she did not follow those Ministry of Justice regulations
她就受到了虐待体罚和酷刑 she suffered physical abuse, corporal punishment and torture.
那里的警察就打她 A police officer on duty beat her,
搧她的脸左搧右搧 slapped her face, left and right,
把她的一口牙全打掉了 and knocked out all of her teeth.
就剩了两颗大门牙 She had only two front teeth left.
她一到说话的时候 When she spoke
这两颗大门牙, those two front teeth of hers
像刮风的那个门帘似的 fluttered in her mouth like a door curtain in the wind.
搧来搧去上下忽闪 Back and forth, flashing up and down,
因为它马上就要掉了嘛 always on the verge of falling out.
2012年7月15号她被解除 She was released on 15 July 2012.
她整个两颗门牙也没保持住 She had lost both her front teeth by then.
这劳教她说劳教劳教 ‘This re-education,’ she said, ‘this re-education.’
没教育我们 ‘They’ve not educated us…’
却把我的满口牙都给教育掉了 ‘…they’ve just educated my teeth out.’
全部都给我劳教掉了 ‘All my teeth, re-educated away.’



辽宁省锦州市王玉萍在那里头 Wang Yuping was from Jinzhou in Liaoning.
是一个出了名的“大流血” She became well known there as ‘Big Bleeder.’
做了两次手术都没有给她打麻药 She had two surgeries and they didn’t even give her any anaesthetic
也不给她消毒就开始剖腹 or use any antiseptics. They just cut right into her.
大夫还把他的棉花球故意搞到她的肉皮里 And the doctor intentionally left a cotton wad buried in her flesh.



王玉萍 Wang Yuping
57岁 Age 57
辽宁锦州上访人 Petitioner from Jinzhou, Liaoning
在马三家女子劳教所被劳教一年 Sent to Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp for one year.



当时我是在住院期 I was in hospital at the time.
我正在准备输血手术的情况下 I was about to have a blood transfusion and surgery.
当时我是子宫肌瘤子宫稍大重度贫血, I had a fibroid in my uterus. It was pretty big and I had a relapse of anaemia.
公安局警察给我强行地拉进了马三家这儿 The police forcibly took me to Masanjia.
当时我进到马三家的时候 At the time that I entered Masanjia,
在路上在车上我已经换了五六条的裤子 on the way there I already needed to change five to six pairs of pants.
当时我鞋壳全部都是血流的全都是血 My shoes were soaked through with blood.
在马三家这儿从队长到学员 At Masanjia, everybody from the team leaders to the inmates
全都管我叫“大流血” all called me ‘Big Bleeder.’
我的名字就叫“大流血” That became my name: ‘Big Bleeder.’
因为我是重病号重重病人已经要死的病人 I was seriously ill. Very seriously ill. I was already dying.
当时不给我手术也不给我治疗 So, at the time they didn’t give me surgery or treatment.
已经拖了十来天 They had delayed by more than ten days already.
我的丈夫卖了我们家的老房子 My husband sold our family’s old flat
两次给教养院送钱 and sent money to the labour camp twice.
才勉强地给我送进沈阳第四医院做了手术 Only then did they grudgingly send me to Shenyang Number Four Hospital for surgery.
在这个手术情况下 And even as I was having surgery,
给我戴着手铐穿着校服是劳教人员 they still shackled me as a labour camp inmate, still wearing my camp uniform.
手术的时候她们没有给我打麻药 When I had surgery they didn’t give me any anaesthetic.
没有备皮没有消炎 They didn’t shave me or use antiseptic.
就给我进行了这种强行的大型的手术 They forced me to have major surgery in these conditions.
不知道自己怎么能活着下得了手术台 I don’t know how I was able to get off that operating table alive.
当时那个医生这么讲的 At the time the doctor said,
医生说我为什么不给她打麻药不给她消毒 ‘The reason why I don’t give her anaesthetic or antiseptic…’
因为这个人活不了了 ‘…is because this one won’t survive anyway.’
我回来以后在马三家这儿 When I returned to Masanjia,
我以为教养院能给我一碗大米粥喝 I thought the camp could give me a bowl of rice porridge.
结果这一碗大米粥都没有给我 But they didn’t give me that bowl of rice porridge.
吃的是一个剩的硬邦邦的(窝窝头) They just gave me a stale leftover bun to eat
就这么大的一小块带着黑盐水的白咸菜汤 and a bit of soup with preserved vegetables and a dark, salty broth.
当时我也喝下去了 I drank even that.
好多学员面对着我她们都留下了眼泪 Many inmates who spoke to me had tears in their eyes.
当时我没有哭我也没有掉眼泪 I didn’t cry at the time. I didn’t even have tears in my eyes.
我就想上帝啊你让我活着吧 I just thought, God, let me live
将来有一天我一定要把这个说出去 There will be a day when I can talk about this.
面对着世界说出去 I must tell the world about this.
在教养院第二次手术 My second surgery at the camp—
因为我当时已经就是脱离了危险又一次手术 because at the time I was already out of danger when I had another surgery.
在第二次手术的时候 During the second surgery,
因为我就是对队长说 because I had said to the head of the unit:
我说你没有消毒 ‘You didn’t give me an antiseptic.’
就这一句话惹怒了那队长 That one sentence infuriated her.
那队长医生就把棉球塞进我的脖子里 The unit head and doctor then stuffed a wad of cotton inside my neck.
现在我这个棉球还长在我的脖子里呢 It is still stuck in there.
我为什么没有把它拿下去啊 Why haven’t I had it removed?
我一定要把它带着记着 I wanted to keep it as a memento.
我出来的时候我都不知道 When I came out of there I still didn’t know
我是因为什么被绑进了教养院 why I had been sent to the labour camp.
到现在我也没有拿到教养票子(劳教决定书) To this day I haven’t been given the re-education through labour decision.







(朱桂芹是)辽宁省抚顺市人 (Zhu Guiqin) is from Fushun, Liaoning Province.
她多次被劳教 She’s been sent to re-education through labour many times.
一家兄妹五个共被劳教六年, She and her four siblings have spent a total of six years in re-education through labour.
朱桂芹在劳教中受尽了严重的酷刑 Zhu suffered serious torture while in the labour camp.
人和手一起捆绑在腿上 Her arms and torso were tied against her legs,
王艳萍大队长抓着她的头发 and Brigade Captain Wang Yanping would pull her hair
拿她当拖布在地上蹭 and drag her across the floor like a mop.
拿电棍往她阴道里捅 She’d poke electric batons into her vagina
拿着牙签扎她的阴道 and stab her vagina with toothpicks.
在截访往回走当中还被保安给强奸了 She was also raped by security guards while being escorted home while petitioning.


朱桂芹 Zhu Guiqin
52 Age 52
上访人 Petitioner




(她背后是官方宣传海报,上面写着:高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜) (Behind her is an official propaganda poster, reading: ‘Raise High the Great Banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’.)
我是辽宁抚顺的访民朱桂芹 My name is Zhu Guiqin. I’m a petitioner from Fushun, Liaoning.
我为自己的兄长二哥维权上访 I petitioned for justice for my second oldest brother, Zhu Chuanqing.
我家五兄妹冤情起头在我二哥朱传清身上 The injustice we five siblings have suffered started with him.
我二哥两次教养在中国执法机构场所里 Twice my older brother has been sent for re-education at a Chinese law-enforcement agency facility.
被打得终身残废终身报废 He was beaten so badly there it left him permanently disabled,
被打成双眼四级残重度精神分裂一级残 leaving him with severe eye damage and schizophrenia.
电棍过得脑癫痫今生今世不能治愈 Electric batons left him with incurable epilepsy,
永远不能恢复常人状态 damage he’ll never recover from.
两次教养都遭撤销 Both re-education decisions were later revoked,
十六七年冤情史得不到一分钱赔偿 but after 16 or 17 years of this injustice, there’s not been a cent of compensation.
我还有我大姐朱桂芝大哥朱传进 My oldest sister Zhu Guizhi and oldest brother Zhu Chuanjin
为此维权上访 began petitioning because of this.
这三兄妹又再次四次遭教养 The three of them have each been sent for re-education through labour.
我家五兄妹六次遭教养 There have been six re-education sentences between us five siblings.
中国第一劳教家族当之无愧 Our family holds the national record for re-education through labour; we’ve earned that title.
响当当的中国第一劳教家族 A family famous for its re-education through labour history
就是我家朱氏五兄妹四次遭教养 Four times the Zhu family has been sent for re-education.
我不知道在马三家教养院 I can’t say what exactly...
究竟是什么事情最难以忍受 ...was the hardest thing to endure in Masanjia Labour Camp.
是时间的煎熬难以忍受吗 If it was the length of time in suffering,
是在教养院受到电棍电击暴打体罚虐罚 or the physical punishment with electric batons and violent beatings,
绑在死人床上十天十宿不让下地拉屎撒尿 or being strapped to a gurney and not being allowed to use the toilet for 10 days straight.
上边灌食下边导尿灌肠使我难以忍受吗 Being force-fed and then forcibly given an enema, was that the worst?
是把我挂在双手挂在小号铁架子床上 Or was being tied spread-eagle to a very small metal bed frame...
不得坐不得卧不得睡 ...and not being allowed to sit, lie down or fall asleep the hardest to endure?
从5月27号到6月8号 From 27 May through to 8 June...
整整十二三天的经历难以承受吗 …were those 12 or 13 days hard to endure?
我最难以忍受的是什么 What was the hardest part?
我现在没有没法说出哪一样是最不能忍受的 Even now I still can’t say for certain.
因为在马三家教养院令我最不能忍受的事情太多太多 There was far too much that was unbearable about being in Masanjia.





刘玉玲大连市金州区人 Liu Yuling, resident of Jinzhou district, Dalian
因为房屋拆迁下岗她就上访 She began petitioning after being forcibly evicted and losing her job.
2009年她被劳教一年半 In 2009 she was sentenced to 1 year of re-education through labour
2012年她又被劳教一年 and sentenced to another year of re-education in 2012.
在劳教所里她已经检查是怀孕了 She discovered she was pregnant while inside the labour camp,
但是劳教所还不放不承认她怀孕了 but the camp did not recognize this or release her.
现在已经怀孕六个月了 Now she’s six months into the pregnancy.
她让普教出来的时候把里面的情况写得很详细 She started writing about the conditions on the inside
从普教的阴道里带出来 and had an ordinary inmate who was being released smuggle her detailed account out of the camp inside her vagina.


王振 Wang Zhen
53 Age 53
刘玉玲的丈夫 Liu Yuling’s husband



2013年1月14日上午 On the morning of 14 January 2013,
我和我儿子前往马三家女子教养院 my son and I went to the Masanjia Women's Labour Camp
去看望我爱人 to visit my wife.
我看到她的肚子已经已经都垂下来了 I saw that her belly was already hanging down.
就是说肚子很大, Her belly was quite large by then.
我说你能让我看看你的肚子吗 I asked her to show me her belly
她就把衣服解开了 and she began to undress.


(王振拍摄的手机视频) (Video footage filmed by Wang Zhen using his mobile phone)




这封信是一位被释放的女学员 This letter was carried out by an inmate who before her release
从女人身上最隐蔽的地方最隐蔽的地方(阴道)带出来的 hid it in that most private of places on a woman’s body (her vagina).
她带出来以后转交给我 After getting the letter out she gave it to me.
这封信的内容 From the letter:
我怀孕她们造假 I’m pregnant. They’re lying.
到医院检查不和我说实情…… I went to get examined in the hospital, but they didn’t tell me the truth.
我的肚子大还说是想孩子想的 They told me I was just imagining my belly getting bigger.
现在刘玉玲身孕六个月还要到车间继续工作 Liu Yuling is already six months pregnant, but she’s still being sent to work.
每天工作的时间在九到十一个小时 She has to work nine to 11 hours every day,
如果完不成工作量就要受到体罚 and she’s punished physically if she doesn’t meet her work quota.









在辽宁省马三家女子劳教所里 Inside the Masanjia Women's Labour Camp
只要你反迫害那些上访的 any petitioners or Falungong practitioners
还有那些法轮功学员 who fought against the persecution they faced
要维护自己的合法权益和信仰 or defended their rights or beliefs
那你受到的迫害和酷刑是非常严重的 would be tortured or receive much more severe persecution.
就要给你上一种明面是没有看不着什么的刑法 They’d give you a punishment that was not easy to notice.
实际上它是一种大抻把人这么吊起来 Actually, they’d give you a kind of big stretch and hang you up
四肢给吊起来把人给抻在床上 by fastening your arms and legs to bed frames and suspending you.
两个床并着把床拉开 They would move two beds apart and hang you between them,
把你身上这个四肢内部的筋全部都给拉坏 stretching each limb to the breaking point.
还有这么这么吊的还有这么抻吊的两种 Or they stretched you out like this...
说白了就是把你五马分尸 It was just like trying having four horses dismember you by pulling your body in different directions.
把你的内脏和你身上的各个筋骨都给抻坏 It left you with internal damage, tearing your tendons from your bones.
等你以后就落下了深深的酷刑的老伤 The deep injury this torture left stayed with you.
什么叫老伤就是你一生都受这种酷刑 Chronic injuries from torture stayed with you a lifetime.
痛苦会陪伴和折磨你一生 The pain never stops tormenting you.



北京 2013110 Beijing, 10 January 2013
基于安全原因 (Identity concealed to protect her safety)
匿名的北京法轮功学员 Falungong practioner from Beijing
53 Age 53



那种痛苦啊胳膊被抻到极限了 Such pain! My arms were pulled out as far as they could go.
觉得这个胳膊断了就是断了的感觉 It felt like my arm was broken.
但是又没断好像已经要断了的那种感觉 It wasn’t broken, but it sure felt that way.
我觉得我的嘴张得极大 My mouth gaped wide open from the pain.
然后那舌头在里面直哆嗦在颤抖 My tongue shook around my mouth.
哦哦哦哦哦就这样 Oh oh oh oh oh, like this.
我的身体抽抽了 I had convulsions.
我的身体好像外边是一个壳 My body felt like a shell.
我跑到了里面 I escaped inside.
这时我还能感觉到痛 I could still feel the pain,
但已经不是那么痛了 yet it wasn’t as bad as before.
那还是纹丝动不了 But I still couldn’t move even a bit.
但突然之间我感觉我的肉身变成了两个 At the time I felt like my body became two...
外面一个壳里一个中间还有一个我 ...an outer one, one in the shell, and a me between.
自己没有那个痛了 But the pain had lessened.






刘霞大连市优秀老师 Liu Xia was an award-winning teacher from Dalian.
她因为修炼法轮功受过严重酷刑, She was tortured severely due to her practice of Falungong.
在大北监狱判刑五年劳教二年 She served five years in Dabei Prison and two years of re-education through labour.
在马三家女子劳教所受了很多的酷刑 She endured many forms of torture at Masanjia
因为她一直反迫害 because she kept fighting against persecution.




刘霞 Liu Xia
57岁 Age 57
法轮功学员 Falungong practitioner
2010年5月6日 6 May 2010
她讲述在马三家女子劳教所的遭遇 She describes her treatment at Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp.



酷暑被捂着棉被 In the burning summers, they would wrap us in blankets
在烈日下长时间奔跑 and force us to run great lengths in the sun.
酷寒被逼穿单衣 In the brutal winters they gave us light clothing
在冰雪上长时间蹲坐 and forced us to squat outside in the freezing snow.
被关禁闭室 They locked us in windowless rooms.
大小便有时长达半年不给卫生纸 Sometimes we’d go half a year without being given toilet paper.
电击乳房和生殖器 They would use electric shock on our breasts and genitals
绝食抗议以子宫扩张器野蛮灌食 If we went on hunger strike, they would force-feed us, barbarically, using a uterine dilator.
来月经时被戴上手铐 They would handcuff us during our menstrual periods and
站立着经血流到地上 force us to remain standing while the blood flowed onto the floor.
管教警察狂抽嘴巴子 The guards would smack us violently in the mouth
血从嘴里流到地上 until blood dripping from our mouths onto the floor.
然后将人放进冰冷刺骨的水牢 Then they put us in the biting cold water dungeon
嘴里流血阴道里流血 with our mouths and vaginas still bleeding.
水牢变成了血牢 The water dungeon became the blood dungeon.







盖凤珍 57岁辽宁省沈阳市铁西区 Gai Fengzhen, age 57, is from Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning.
因房屋纠纷上访被劳教四次共八年 She was sent to a total of eight years of re-education on four occasions as a result of petitioning over a housing dispute.
丈夫石兴友被劳教一年半 And her husband Shi Xingyou was sent to 1-1/2 years of re-education through labour.
盖凤珍在劳教所当中因反迫害而绝食 Gai went on hunger strike while inside to protest her persecution
她们用阴道扩张器插到她的嘴里 and was force-fed using a uterine dilator
扩张她的嘴给她灌食 to force open her mouth to make her eat.
用电棍塞到她的阴道里电击她 An electric baton was forced into her vagina and used to shock her.
往阴道里灌辣椒面 Red pepper powder was also poured inside her vagina.
在那里她受到了大抻大挂死人床 She was put in restraints, hung in stress positions and subjected to the rack.
差一点没死到劳教所里 She barely survived the labour camp.


盖凤珍 Gai Fengzhen
57 Age 57
上访人 Petitioner



我绝食她灌盐水 I went on hunger strike and they forced me to take saline solution.
给我灌得现在身体肾衰竭 They gave me so much that it caused renal failure.
教养院骗我家让我家跟我谈 They tricked my family into encouraging me
说马上就放你回家因为你没有违法行为。 by telling them I was about to be released because I hadn’t done anything illegal.
所以家里劝我你得吃饭要不你就完了 So my family urged me to eat up, for my health.
我这是5月末进去 10月出去的 I went in late May and got let out in October.
绝食能有半年 I was on hunger strike for half a year
我就吃饭了但她也没放我 So I ate, but they didn’t release me.
灌食每天盐水灌得我浑身都胖肿 I was force-fed, forced to take saline, my entire body became swollen.
扔进那个号里头我(绝食)就躺在床上 They threw me in that cell, and I conducted a hunger strike while lying on that bed.
一直她给我灌食头一天就是盐水 She continually force-fed me, and I was given saline starting from the first day.
整点苞米面糊糊都没烧开 They gave me cornmeal gruel that hadn’t been thoroughly cooked.
就是汤是汤水是水灌得我直跑肚 Really it was only like soup or water. They force-fed me until I got diarrhoea.
接着就是天天就那么灌 The force-feeding became daily after that.
不能让学员都看着灌食啊 They did not want the other inmates to see this...
都是学员出工后灌我 ...so they fed me only after all the inmates were off work.
然后就给我挪屋了就叫隔离间就是酷刑房 Then I was moved into solitary confinement, which meant the torture room,
整在酷刑房绑在死人床上 where I was strapped to the ‘death bed.’
给我绑了七道枷锁 They used seven shackles to tie me down.
拿手铐子把手分在两边分着铐的 Each hand cuffed on a side...
然后胳膊上胳膊腕脖子上 ...then the arms, wrists and neck were shackled.
从胳肢窝一直到脖子上 And from my armpits to my neck...
勒到脑袋后边死人床的栏杆上 …my head was fastened tightly to the rails of the gurney.
然后这个床呢就是带轱辘的带弹簧的 Then they used the wheels and springs on the bed
可以能抻能拽的 to stretch or pull me different ways.
然后给我铐了能有三个多月吧 They kept me strapped down like that for about three months.
大小便不有个洞嘛 When I needed to relieve myself, they’d say use the hole in the bed.
给你绑上给你扒光你是拉屎拉尿都那样 They keep you tied up naked, so that’s how we had to shit and piss.
我后屁股都烂了 My buttocks were a mess...
也不让你洗也不让你洗漱 And they didn’t let you bathe or wash any part of your body.
上下身也不刷牙也不洗脸 I couldn’t brush my teeth or wash my face.
大约能有三个多月 Just over three months like that.
后来就是阴道炎了 My vagina grew infected, so irritated and itchy.
阴道炎就是刺啊疼啊尿血了 There was blood in my urine...
然后她也不给治疗 ...but they didn’t let me get treatment.
说喝点水灌水就行 They’d tell you to drink water or else forced you to drink.
那我也不喝 But I would refuse.
不喝她就灌盐水那也不喝 I refused, so then I got the saline, but wouldn’t drink that either.
打点滴我也不打就以死抗争 They tried to give it to me intravenously, but I fought that, too.
她们怎么给你吃东西 To feed you...
就是用牙撑子咱们叫牙撑子 ...they used what we called the “braces.”
实际就是子宫扩张器 Which in fact was just a uterine dilator.
就是用检查妇科那个玩意儿把我的嘴撬开 That’s the thing they use in women’s medical exams—they used it to force my mouth wide open.
撬开呢头一天灌我都不灌 On the first day, when I wouldn’t swallow,
拿那个撬嘛撬完了以后 they used that to force my mouth open, and from then on
一开始一直是苞米面和盐水 It was cornmeal and saline.
后来就是拿扩张器, Later they would take that dilator
就是扩开了转圈 and twist it around.
四角的肉全夹掉全是血 The skin around my mouth was rubbed raw, covered in blood.
然后说是什么鸡肝我一看是血水 Later they said I was being fed chicken liver. To me it just looked like bloody water.
然后就是剁的白菜和卷心菜乱七八糟的 Later it was scraps of bok choy and cabbage
剁得也不像饺子馅比那粗多了 that were chopped more coarsely than you’d chop to make dumplings.
像喂猪似的咔咔就往我嘴里灌 It looked more like pig slop, but in my mouth it went.
灌得噎得我直不行 They force-fed me until I choked and couldn’t take any more.
她就拽我耳朵耳朵就是现在 They would pull my ears so hard that now
拽得耳膜啥都给拽坏 my eardrums are damaged.
当时耳朵也给我夹坏了 My ears were also damaged from being pinched.
刚给我灌完食就给我上刑 When they finished feeding me, the torture would start.
我寻思以为让我下来洗漱的呢 When they let me down, I’d think it was to let me wash up.
那么长时间没有下来了 Having been tied up for so long,
我已经下不来了 I couldn’t even move.
她们就给我慢慢地拽下来了 They had to pull me off slowly.
拽下来穿上拖鞋 Once they’d pulled me off, they put on my shoes.
俩人扶着我我以为这是去洗漱吧 Two people supported me to go wash—or so I thought.
结果不是我一看是往床上整 I was wrong, they were taking me towards the beds.
我寻思不上死人床是上那个床 I figured if they weren’t going to put me in the ‘death bed,’ maybe they’d put me in one of those beds.
不是她给我往栏杆上绑 No, they tied me to the frame instead.
这家伙两手就是十字挂 These guys, they spread my arms, and hung them outstretched like a T.
左手挂在双人床的上铺栏杆上 The left hand was tied to the top frame of a bunk bed on one side and
右手挂在另一个双人床的上铺栏杆上 the right hand tied to the frame of the top bunk on the other side.
这个腿后边整个板子缠在那个柱子上 Legs were tied to the post with a board in back.
就是床不有立柱嘛两个柱子 You know how bunk beds are joined, with two posts?
两个床并在一起有两个立柱嘛 There are two posts when two bunk beds are joined.
你怎么晃都动弹不了 Try all you like, you can’t move.
最后挂我能有半个多小时我就不行了 After over half an hour, I couldn’t take any more.
灌食灌完食然后给我上十字挂 First they’d force-feed you, then they’d hang you from the beds.
每天三个多月都是子宫扩张器 Force-fed daily with the uterine dilator, for over three months.
一天灌两回 Two feedings a day.
后来不灌食也给你上着那个子宫扩张器 They’d even use the uterine dilator not for force-feeding
让你不会说话让你吃饭她说的 but to keep you from talking, though they said otherwise.
你绝食死了也不放你就让你死在教养院 You could hunger strike as long as you like, they’d just let you die in there.
挂了半个多小时以后吧 So, if they left me hanging for more than half an hour
我就喊救命啊我不行了 I’d start screaming, calling for help, unable to withstand it.
因为前胸就疼得不行了 The pain in my chest was unbearable.
喊也没人管我身上就全是汗 If you screamed they’d ignore you, and I’d be covered in sweat.
我眼睛什么都看不着了 I wouldn’t be able to see.
我就一闪一闪的直闪光眼睛 I could see only flashes of light past my eyes.
就好像是有人在我耳边说 I’d start hearing whispers in my ear,
就好像是天老爷说 like God himself was speaking to me,
哎呀你一定要挺住 telling me to hold on:
盖凤珍啊你一定要挺住 ‘Gai Fengzhen, you have to stay strong!’
我就什么也说不出来了我就昏了 I couldn’t say anything, I kept fainting.
结果大小便都尿在裤子里头 I urinated in my pants.
据一个是“四防”的就是学员的头 I was told it was one of the “four guards”—that’s one of the inmate bosses...
只让一个学员进来让她收拾卫生 An inmate would be sent in to clean up.
一个队长喊她那儿尿了你去擦一擦 One unit leader shouted at her to wipe up the urine:
那味儿怎么怎么那屋她浑身都臭死了 ‘That smell! That room! She stinks from head to toe!’
“四防”的就过来一过来的时候 That one of the ‘four guards’ came over.
我已经什么都不明白人事了 By that time I wasn’t even conscious.
“四防”说耶她不行了死过去了 She said she thought I was dead,
脸色都变了发白了嘴唇是黑的她说 that my face had turned white and my lips gone blue.
这时候就喊那个大队长 She called for the brigade captain.
李明玉过来一看就说不行了 Li Mingyu came and took one look, then said I didn’t look well...
赶紧给放下来 ...and they quickly got me down.
她俩就给我手铐子放下来了 They uncuffed my hands from the beds
手铐子放下来腿上绑上布条子 and tied up my leg with cloth.
一看尿了三泡裤子都尿得都呱呱的 I sobbed three times and my pants were all wet.
李明玉说赶紧给她喊大夫 Li Mingyu told them to quickly summon the doctor.
打一个电话大夫上来了 A phone call later and the doctor arrived.
大夫说完了什么都没有了 The doctor said it was already too late.
当时的脉搏所有的都没有血压都没了 By that point I had no pulse, not even a blood pressure.
然后大夫说完了赶紧送医院去 ‘It’s too late,’ the doctor said. ‘Take her quickly to the hospital!’
不行去得把裤子拽下来她连尿带拉的 They pulled down my pants and I was covered with urine and feces.
因为我一直都没有没吃拉的都是尿 Since I hadn’t eaten anything, I could only piss...
但那天都拉出来了 ...but that day I defecated as well.
大夫说就是人要死之前,肠子都是干净的 The doctor said people’s bowels evacuate right before death.
可能医生说不行了 Maybe it’s because the doctor said I might die soon,
就给我灌五粒速效救心丸 so they gave me five pills to try and revive me.
灌完这五粒速效救心丸我也不知道 I have no idea what happened after that.
但是我就她们说的高静就跟我说, But Gao Jing told me later that
你哼了一声哼了一声就顺着你眼角流泪了 I groaned and there were tears streaming from my eyes.
高静说的队长就说盖凤珍 According to Gao Jing, the head of the unit called my name
她打我嘴巴子劈里啪啦的 and slapped my face to get me to come to.
有一个叫张春光给我吊的也过来了 Zhang Chunguang, the one who hung me up, also came over.
说我们吊三十多个小时都死不了死不了 She said I couldn’t be dead, that I’d only been hanging for 30-something hours.
她劈里啪啦打我嘴巴子 She slapped my face:
盖凤珍你知不知道你知不知道 ‘Gai Fengzhen, are you there? Are you there?’
等我醒来以后光知道嘴巴子疼 When I came to, all I knew was that my mouth was sore.
然后就给我送到马三家医院了 Then I was sent to Masanjia Hospital.
高静给我换的我的棉裤 Gao Jing gave me fresh pants to change into.
那时候是六月十一号外面天气特别暖和, That was 11 June, a particularly warm day.
我没有东西了只有一个衬裤一个棉裤拿进去了 I had nothing but the underwear and pants I was admitted in
那医院说耶她血压才80 这会儿就上来了 The hospital said my blood pressure was at 80—it’d come up a little by then.
高压80 低压50 就赶紧打点滴 It was at 80/50, and I urgently needed an intravenous drip.
这时候大夫要快下班了 The doctor was just about to get off work,
说你回去给她打吧 so he told them to take me back and put me on the drip there.
李明玉值班就放刑具房给我打点滴的 Li Mingyu was on duty and put me in the torture room and hooked up the IV.
仍然给我绑在那个死人床 But she still strapped me to the ‘death bed.’
结果我都这样了我就合计 So there I was...
她们怎么能下得了手 ...I’d figured the worst they could do would be
还给我绑在那个死人床 to strap me back in to the ‘death bed.’
然后就是绑在死人床 And that’s just what they did.
我那个时候就明白了 That’s when I figured out
你喊谁哦喊不出来啥 there’s no use in screaming, nobody’s coming to help.
结果只能就任人宰割了 All you can do is let them have their way.
我不可能吃饭结果呢 Eating was out of the question, and in the end
天天灌不灌食牙撑子二十四小时撑着 They kept my mouth forced open all day long, whether I was being fed or not.
头一个礼拜我也没告饶 I didn’t ask for mercy my first week there.
后来半个多月了我就受不了了 Near the end of the first month, I couldn’t take it.
我就说我吃 I said I’d start eating
答应吃了仍然铐着我 And I did, but they kept me locked up.
她(大队长王艳萍)当时吊我打我 (Brigade Captain) Wang Yanping had me strung up and beaten.
拿鞋底子左一个嘴巴子右一个嘴巴子 Slapping each side of my face with the sole of her shoe,
说我告诉你你看那个朱桂芹没 Saying ‘I am telling you… Did you see what happened to Zhu Guiqin?’
告我有什么好下场我仍然没下去 ‘Nothing will come of complaining about me, I haven’t been demoted yet!’
越告我我越升 ‘The more you complain about me, the more I’ll get promoted.’
我是大队长又升管教科长 ‘One day I’m a brigade leader and then I get promoted to head of the discipline section.’
这回是管教科长又升回来当大队长 ‘Now I’m head of the disicipline section and then I’ll get promoted to brigade leader.’
管你们你们就是欠收拾 ‘Who cares about you? You all deserve to be punished!’
你能告诉我你在马三家女子劳教所里面 I’ll tell you what the worst form of torture
最不能忍受的是哪一种酷刑呢 is in the Masanjia Women's Labour Camp.
就是斜吊和斜挂 It’s the diagonal hanging, where
就是一个胳膊在上一个胳膊在下 one arm tied is tied to the top bunk and one arm tied to the bottom bunk (on the opposite side).
对抻刑 Yes, it’s torture by stretching.
你是弯着腰你是蹲着怎么着都不行 Trying to bend or squat are both impossible.
你依靠没有东西前面没有东西。 There’s nothing around you to lean against.
来小号的时候 When they put me in solitary,
吐的是乌血黑色的褐色的紫色的 I vomited congealed blood: black, brown and purple.
好像没吐死了 It felt like I was vomiting to death.
给我蹲小号蹲了一个多月 They made me squat in the tiny cell for over a month.
搁小号里躺在不足两平方米的小号 Less than two square metres in size,
连个洞都没有好像没死在那里 Not a single hole in the walls, it didn’t feel like living.
又吐血吐了好几盆 I threw up more blood, a few basins full,
全是瘀血 all clotted blood.






辽宁本溪的新淑华她跟我住一个屋 Xin Shuhua was from Benxi, in Liaoning. We shared quarters.
她跟我说 She told me that in 2000
2000年她们十八个女的法轮功学员 she and 17 other Falun Gong practitioners
被送到男所被他们强奸轮奸 were sent to the men’s camp, where they were gang-raped.
为什么呢要摧垮她们的意志 Why? To try and break them psychologically,
摧垮她们的精神让她们转化 destroy their spirit, ‘convert’ them.
所以不转化就要遭残暴的强奸 Those who didn’t give up Falungong were brutally raped.
像那个新淑华她自己跟我们讲 Like Xin Shuhua, she told us herself
她说她在劳教所期间 that while she was kept at the labour camp
队长为了残暴她 the team leaders brutalised her.
拿着警棍塞到她的小便里头去电击她 They put an electric baton into her vagina to shock her.
拿着牙刷把三根牙刷绑到一起 They tied three toothbrushes together
牙刷那个刺牙刷那个刷牙的塑料那刺 and used the bristles
搁她的小便里转着圈祸害她 to damage her by rotating them around inside her vagina.
因为让她遭罪嘛让她疼嘛 To make her suffer, to make her hurt,
往小便里灌辣椒面 They poured red pepper powder inside her vagina.
这是她亲自讲给我们听的 We heard this straight from her mouth.




在女子劳教所里每年五月一日 Each year on 1 May, foreign media came to Masanjia
外界的媒体都要上马三家来录像 in order to film the labour camp.
向外国记者和中国媒体宣传马三家 This allowed the authorities to propagate the image of Masanjia Camp,
是如何管理教育学习感化劳教人员 to show the public how people were managed, educated, taught and reformed there,
怎么走向社会怎样为社会做贡献 how they were reintegrated into society and how they contributed to the society.
向媒体宣传做广告 It was all just propaganda for the media, an advertisement.
可是每年他们来检查的时候 But each year when they would come to inspect…
我们就辛苦了 …things would get tougher for us.
要走正步做体操 We’d have to practice marching and do physical exercises.
队长任怀萍说我们要半军队管理 Unit Head Ren Huaiping said we had to be managed in a quasi-military style,
半军事化管理要走正步 which meant parade marching
每天还要劳动 in addition to our daily labours.
中午十二点到下午一点这一个小时走正步 We’d march for an hour from noon until 1 PM,
练得腿都肿了脸都胖了 practising until our legs and faces grew swollen.
在外面阳光暴晒的情况下练这些操 We did these exercises even when the sun was scorching.
结果每年上面的媒体就来录像 So, each year the media would come to film.
像中央电视台和各大媒体都来录像 Like CCTV and the other major media.
录像拍照 They’d film and take photographs
拿出去在媒体上做广告 and then use these as advertisements in the media
宣传马三家女子劳教所怎么好 to let everyone know how great Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp is.







辽宁省马三家女子劳教所 The Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp
把我们女人每个月来月假的周期都给剥夺了 deprived us women of our decency
以及生理的大小便都给剥夺了 whenever we had our monthly periods our had to use the toilet.
在劳教所里李艳芳是辽宁省辽中县人 Li Yanfang was from Liaozhong County in Liaoning.
在车间里她是干的是拿五十道工序的活 Her responsibility in the workshop was to fetch items…
来回传活她每拿到一批活 …from one station to another, fifty stations in all.
她进车间就是小跑不会走 She couldn’t walk in the workshop, she had to jog.
突突突地跑过来突突突地跑过去 Back and forth, back and forth she would run.
因为一只手要拿三四样活不跑根本完成不了 She had to carry three or four items at a time. If she didn’t run, she’d never finish in time.
她身上来例假了来月经了 Once, her period came…
她没有时间去换卫生巾 …and she didn’t have time to change her sanitary napkin.
早晨六点半进车间到上午十一点半收工 During the morning shift from 6:30 until 11:30,
(她的月经顺着裤腿淌)她的裤子湿得哗哗的 her pants were drenched (from the menstrual flow)
呱嗒呱嗒屁股都湿透了 and her rear end was soaked.
在回寝室的时候几个女人给她挡着倒着走 When we went back to the dormitory, several women blocked her from view as she walked backwards,
因为车间还有四个修机器的男师傅 because there were four men who worked in the workshop fixing the machines.
她是异性怕男人看见 She didn’t want the opposite sex to see her.
羞得受不了她就倒着走 She was so ashamed that she walked backwards.




陈沈群是辽宁省沈阳市苏家屯区砂轮厂的工人 Chen Shenqun was a worker at the Sujiatun District Grinding Mill in Shenyang.
她因为工作被别人代替了把她的工作弄没了 Her job was replaced by someone else, so she was out of work.
所以她为自己的工作去维权 She began fighting for her right to work.
受到了打击报复和劳教 She was retaliated against and sent to re-education through labour.
多次被送到精神病医院 She was sent to a mental hospital many times.
在马三家女子劳教所受到了非人的待遇 She was treated inhumanely at Masanjia.
每天连厕所都不让上 She wasn’t even allowed to use the toilet.
因为她身体不好肾不好上厕所次数多 Her health was poor and she had kidney problems, so she had to use the toilet frequently.
那个队长虐待她给她个盆子 The team leader abused her and gave her a chamber pot.
让她在盆里撒尿 She told her to urinate in the chamber pot.






陈沈群 Chen Shenqun
55 Age 55
上访人 Petitioner



当时快八点了我就去上厕所 At the time, it was almost 8 o’clock when I went to use the toilet.
王艳萍大队长从外面回来 Brigade Captain Wang Yanping had come back from outside
她上哪儿揪了支桃树叶在那儿转着圈玩 and was playing with leaves from a peach tree.
看见我要上厕所她不让我上 When she saw I was going to the toilet she stopped me.
我就要进去 I had to go…
因为我有尿憋不住一憋难受 …because my bladder was full and it was painful to hold it in.
她后来一看我非要上厕所 When she saw that I really had to use the toilet
因为我身体不是那么好我一直头疼 because my health wasn’t that great and I was always having headaches,
她竟然推我拽着我 she actually started pushing me
把门给锁上了不让我上厕所 and locked the door so I couldn’t use the toilet.
不让我上厕所憋得我蹲在地上 I had to squat down on the ground.
我就说你把门开开我要上厕所 I said: ‘Open the door. I need to use the toilet.’
我有尿憋不住了 ‘I can’t hold it any longer.’
她说你憋不住什么玩意儿 She said: ‘What the hell can’t you hold?’
回去还没到时间 ‘Go back. It’s not time yet.’
我说什么时候时间早晨八点多钟了 I said: ‘What time? It’s already past 8 AM!’
她说要早上十点多钟 She said: ‘After 10 AM.’
憋两个小时那还不得把肾憋坏了 Holding it for two more hours would damage my kidneys.
我说那得把我肾憋坏了呢 I told her: ‘That’ll damage my kidneys!’
她说把肾憋坏了你就在这儿撒 She said: ‘If you’re worried about kidney damage, then you can go right here.’
虽然都是女人但里头还有外来的男工艺师傅们 Even though she and I were both women, there were also a few male technicians who came in from outside.
所以我哪敢撒把我憋得都不行了 So I didn’t dare and held it until I couldn’t stand it any longer.
肚子一直疼得顺着疼到心脏那个地方 The pain began to spread from my belly up to where my heart is.
顶着顶着受不了 I couldn’t stand it any longer.
我两个腿并着蹲在那儿 I squatted there with my two legs held tight together.
我说不行我要尿裤子了 I said: ‘I can’t hold it anymore. I’m going to wet my pants.’
后来男工艺师傅都出去了 Later, the male technicians left
她说你要有尿就在这地上撒 and she said: ‘If you need to pee, do it here on the floor.’
逼得我没有办法了我就脱裤子撒了尿 I had no choice but to drop my pants and pee.



李平是辽宁省辽中县人 Li Ping is from Liaozhong County, Liaoning.
今年六十多岁的一个老太太 She’s an old woman, 60-plus years old this year.
她是一个残疾人二级残疾 She’s disabled, a grade-two disability.
无法自理重症类风湿人 She can’t care for herself. She has severe rheumatism.
在这种情况下司法部规定 The Ministry of Justice has regulations
无劳动能力不能自理的重病号和重病人 that the labour camp shouldn’t take in
劳教所不能收 those who are unable to work or can’t take care of themselves because of serious illness.
可是他们为了自己的政绩 But in the interest of their performance assessment
他们也强迫把她送到劳教所 the authorities forced her into the labour camp.
到了劳教所她受到了非人的待遇 At the labour camp, she was treated inhumanely.
因为她有病肾不好 She was ill, with bad kidneys.
上厕所便数去多了不让她去 She used the toilet a lot, so they wouldn’t let her go.
为了上厕所为了能保住自己的命 In order to use the toilet and protect her own health,
她都给队长跪下来 she had to kneel before the head of the unit,
给她下跪甚至给她磕头 getting down on her knees and even kowtowing to her.
就拿人洗脸用的便盆让她搁盆里撒 She was given a washbasin to use as a chamber pot
当着好几百人的面让她在盆里撒尿 and had to urinate in that way in front of a couple hundred people.
不让她上厕所因为上厕所耽误时间嘛 They wouldn’t let her use the toilet because they didn’t want to waste time.




李平 Li Ping
61岁 Age 61
上访人 Petitioner




管教科盛科长把厕所门锁上 The head of the guard unit, Director Sheng, locked the toilet door
不许劳教人员上厕所 and forbid inmates from using the toilet.
当时我要去厕所。 I had to use the toilet.
这管教说你要是上厕所的话 The guard said: ‘If you need to use the toilet …’
你给我下跪下跪说声谢谢 ‘… you should kneel down and thank me.’
我就让你上厕所 ‘Then I’ll let you use the toilet.’
我万般无奈因为身体残疾没办法下跪 I had no choice. I couldn’t kneel because of my disability.
我就给她做出一个半下跪的姿势 So I half-kneeled for her.
然后这个管教说我不标准 Then the guard said it wasn’t good enough.
你跪地的姿态不标准那我给你拿个盆吧 ‘Your kneeling wasn’t good enough, so I’m going to give you a basin to use.’
对我身心健康摧残和人格上的尊严进行侮辱 This was devastating to my physical and mental health and an affront to my personal dignity.
我没办法我就说 But I had no choice, so I said:
那也可以你这个建议也行 ‘That’ll do. We can do it your way.’





姜俊艳是辽宁省庄河市人 Jiang Junyan is from Zhuanghe City, Liaoning.
因为公安局给她送去的时候她满身有病 When the police brought her in she was really sick.
公安局骗她去医院看病把她送到了教养院 The police tricked her by saying they were sending her to hospital, but instead they sent her to the labour camp.
进了教养院以后因为她身体不好有毛病 After she arrived at the labour camp, her health was poor and she had a lot of problems.
有点抽风抽羊羔疯身体一直不好 She would have these convulsions.
她要上厕所跟队长请假 She wanted to use the toilet and asked the unit head for permission.
队长不给她假尤然大队长让她憋着 But the unit head didn’t give permission. Brigade Captain You Ran told her to hold it.
结果她一褪裤子哗啦一声 As a result, she defecated in her pants.
大便刺了两米多远 Feces spattered a distance of two metres…
把队长坐的那个办公桌子刺的全都是屎 …leaving the desk where the unit leader was sitting covered in shit.
结果我们整个车间的人都愣住了 The entire workshop was in shock.






在2012年7月收拾仓库的时候 In July 2012, when we were cleaning up one of the storerooms
我捡到她们劳教所的干警曾政委学习的档 I came across a file that the guards had once used in their political studies at the labour camp.
是2006年写的东西上面写的是 It was dated 2006 and said:
1991年6月12日司法部下达的16号令 On 12 June 1991, the Ministry of Justice issued Order Number 16
学员是每天劳动是三个小时学习三个小时 that inmates should work three hours a day and study three hours a day.
每个月学员是减期五天每周六日休息 Each month, inmates should get five days off their term and each week they should have weekends off.
学员家里来信不许干警拆开看 Guards were not permitted to open and read letters sent by an inmate’s family members
禁止学员亲属会见时在旁边偷着监听 and it was prohibited to sit in on and monitor visits between inmates and their relatives.
可是呢规定会见时有半个小时或四十分钟 The regulations said that meetings should last 30 to 40 minutes,
但我们只有五分钟 but we were only given five.
今天你要是任务完不成家属来接见了 If your relatives came to visit on a day when you hadn’t finished your assignment
就不让你去会见队长就禁止会见 they wouldn’t let you go. The team leader would prohibit the meeting.
你想家属哪里都有全国各地都有 Think about it. Families come from all over the country.
有时几千里来到马三家 Sometimes they’d travel several thousand miles to come to Masanjia.
想见个子女都见不着 But they wouldn’t be allowed to see their children.
因为我丈夫和我同时被抓 My husband and I were arrested at the same time,
我丈夫被抓政府也不告诉我 but the government never told me my husband had been arrested,
我被抓政府也不告诉我丈夫 and the government never told my husband that I’d been arrested.
我丈夫在沈阳沈新劳教所教养的时候 When my husband was at the Shenxin Labour Camp in Shenyang,
在春节时给我邮的钱写的信 he mailed me a letter and some money at the lunar new year.
都被她们扣押都不给我 They seized it and wouldn’t give it to me.
我孩子去看我也不给见面 My children came to visit but I wasn’t allowed to see them.
我的母亲在我2010年被抓时上火着急 When I was arrested in 2010, my mother was worried sick.
找不着我就得了脑出血 When she couldn’t find me, she developed a cerebral haemorrhage.
因为我家四个男孩就我一个女孩 I’m the only daughter out of five children in my family,
我妈找不着我一上火 so my mother got really upset when she couldn’t find me.
第二次脑出血就死掉了 The second time she had a cerebral haemorrhage, she died.
我儿子到教养院去要接见我 My son came to the labour camp to visit me,
去了三次也没让跟我见面 but he wasn’t allowed to see me on any of the three times he tried.






在那里头有很多人想到很多自杀 Inside, many people thought about suicide.
像我都有好几次想自杀 For instance, I thought about suicide many times.
上访的大连的梅秋玉 2010年2月1号 On 1 February 2010, a petitioner from Dalian named Mei Qiuyu
她就自杀过吃过那个调羹的勺子吞过勺子 tried to kill herself by swallowing a soup spoon.
被队长看到了给从嗓子里抢出来了 But the team leader noticed and yanked the spoon out of her throat.
因为她已经自杀了好几次了 She tried to kill herself many times.
还有郑艳杰也曾经吃过这个勺子 Zheng Yanjie also tried swallowing a spoon.
上访的沈阳铁岭的卜红霞 Bu Hongxia, a petitioner from Tieling City in Shenyang…
2010年1月7号她曾经拿过大剪刀割腕过 …tried slashing her wrist with a big pair of scissors on 7 January 2010.
当时我在眼前看着那血是刺刺地淌啊 I was right there and watched as the blood spurted out.
她就不想活了因为活太累不干还不行 She didn’t want to live, because the work was exhausting but you had to do it.
自己身体还干不了的情况下 When your body can no longer manage,
她们要强迫逼你干 they physically force you to work.
所以她受不了那种压力她就割腕自杀了 She couldn’t stand that pressure and tried to slash her wrist.
还有一个叫温暖是大连普兰店的 There was also a woman named Wen Nuan from Pulandian in Dalian.
也是割腕自杀因为她受尽了虐待 She slashed her wrists because she couldn’t stand the abuse.
在那里我们死也死不起 But we couldn’t even die if we wanted to
没有任何东西让你能死 because there’s nothing there to use to kill yourself.
你想死就给你加期 If you tried to kill yourself, they added time to your term
受的苦更多受的苦更残酷 and your suffering would increase and be more brutal.
在那种情况下还要折磨我们 It was under those conditions that they tortured us,
还要我们完成产量 demanding that we fulfil our quotas.
包括中央军委都参与迫害我们 Even the Central Military Commission participated in mistreating us.
军委警察政府简直比法西斯还要狠 The military, the police, and the government—they’re even worse than Fascists.
她们是挂着羊头卖狗肉 They’re not at all what they pretend to be.
(劳教所)下面大牌子挂着 At the camp, there’s a big sign they hang
写着有检察院监督她们警察 that says the police there are supervised by the procuracy.
不许行贿受贿不许超负荷劳动 It’s forbidden to give or take bribes, overwork is not allowed.
有病第一时间看病 Immediate medical treatment should be sought in case of illness.
实际是说一套做一套 In fact, they say one thing but do another.
那里面有检察官办公室 The procuracy office at the camp
有检察官三个字的牌子 says “procuracy” on the sign outside
但是办公室是空的当了仓库 but the office is empty and used for storage.
从来都看不见检察官 You never see the procurator.
我们要求见检察官她们都不让我们见 We demanded to see the procurator, but they wouldn’t let us.
反而还要给我们加期 Instead, they added time to our terms.



Mei Qiuyu, 45, Petitioner (Actual Sound)

抻刑 我想知道当时有多难受?

Could you tell me about what it was like, being tortured by stretching?

抻的时间 我们在里面

We were inside for the torture.

队长说 那是在上大挂

The Unit Head called it being suspended


At the time, I hadn’t seen it for myself.

实际上 现在来说 当时我的情况来说

Actually, as for now, judging from my situation,

叫我来说 那就是抽筋 抽筋扒皮[ATW1]

As for me, it was spasms, like my skin was being torn off and my tendons pulled out.

抽筋 你看我们这骨头

Look at my bones.


This is from the cuffs they used when suspending me.


You’d be chained to two poles on the double bed.

就是双人床带着弹簧 使劲朝两边抻

The bed had springs that’d be taut while stretching you in opposing directions.


That was the cruelest torture at Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp.

内伤重 外表叫你看不出来

All the injuries are internal, nothing you can see from the outside.

它不流一点血 所以这种伤害

No blood. These kinds of injuries,

她弄伤里边顾着外表 这叫遮人耳目

They inflict internal damage but you look fine on the outside. It’s deceptive.

你出来说 谁相信

You get out of the camp and talk about it, but who’d believe you?

队长可以公开地说 我没打她 她好好的

The Unit Head could just say, ‘I didn’t beat her. She’s fine.’


What was it like being stretched in there?


When I got in, it was like a pig slaughter in the countryside.


Everybody can understand the metaphor.


Because no matter how much you weigh,

在长年使用的酷刑室里 一进去

Once you get into the torture chamber that’s been in use for ages

就像畜生 就像狼一样

You feel like an animal, like a wolf.

用两个铐子 把双手往两个双人床的立柱上啪啪一铐

Both your hands are chained to the poles on the bed with two handcuffs.


That stuff was flexible.


It was slow, like a spring, stretching you slowly.

抻一下 缩一下

First they’d pull you, then they’d ease off.

一直抻的话 不是把你疼死了嘛

If they keep stretching you the entire time, you’d die, right?

她慢性地给你抻 还能够缩回来

They’d slowly stretch your body, then ease off

所以那就叫抽筋 抽筋式地疼

That’s what they’d call pulling out a tendon, it was so painful.


I have a bad heart.


What did it feel like?

她当时一抻 我身上这筋骨

The moment she stretched my body, all the muscles and bones in my body


Hurt so much, I passed out immediately.




马三家教养院把我们女人拿着当动物 The Masanjia Labour Camp treated us women like animals.
我们在教养院水房洗澡 When we were using the camp showers
两面都是监控器对着都是监控器 there were cameras on either side, monitoring.
我们在洗澡当中可以说赤裸裸曝光 When we showered, completely naked,
什么男所院部都在看我们洗澡 [authorities] in the male camp or the general office could all watch us showering.
上厕所脱裤子来月经脱裤子换手纸 When we dropped our pants to use the toilet or to change our sanitary napkin when we had our periods,
人家都能看得清清楚楚 others could see everything clear as day.
在我们女人最隐蔽的地方都被他们看 They could see even our most private parts.
让他们异性去参观去观望去展销 We were put on display for the opposite sex to look at.
在马三家女子劳教所里头 At Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp…
女人也不是女人 …women are not treated like women.
她们都拿你当奴隶 They treat you like slaves.
什么你来例假不来例假 Whether you were having your period or not…
还是每年的几个大节她都要搜身 …they would conduct body searches several times a year around major holidays.
搜身当中 While they were searching
她们连你的裤头都要扒下来看一看 they’d even pull down your underpants to have a look.
裤子里的卫生巾还是手纸 If you used sanitary napkins or tissues for your period,
她们都要撕开看一看 they’d rip them open to have a look.
看法轮功学员有没有经文哪 They searched Falungong practitioners to see whether they had any scriptures…
上访的都写的什么重要材料 …and petitioners to see whether they had any documents on them.
你只要写揭穿她们的违法违纪的事 If you had written down any of their violations or wrongdoing,
它都属于违禁产品 that was considered contraband.
你要叫她翻到那你就得挨加期就挨打 If they found such things on you, you’d get beaten and have time added to your term.
在这种情况下在每回检查身体时 So, whenever they conducted body searches
搜身搜得特别惨 they were particularly rough about it.
把你衣服裤子扒得溜光 They’d pull off your clothing until you were naked,
大小便的地方都要搜 then they’d put on gloves and…
戴着手套进去掏一遍 …poke around in your vagina and anus.
所以她就怕你带出那里黑暗的东西 They were afraid that you’d take something out to expose the dark things that went on there.
不让那个跟家里通信 They wouldn’t let you write to your relatives,
家里来的信她们都要拆开看一看 and family letters all had to be opened and read by them first.
包括你使用中的卫生巾手纸 Even the sanitary napkins and tissues you used
她们都要撕开看一看 had to be torn open and inspected.
2012年10月15号我们普教有个叫何丽 On 15 October 2012, there was an ordinary inmate named He Li.
解除那天赵欣队长把她衣服剥得精光 The day she was released, Unit Head Zhao Xin stripped her of her clothes
赤裸裸一个人 until she was completely naked.
把她的阴道和大小便的地方戴着手套 She put on gloves and searched He’s vagina and anus
进去都搜了一遍 checking around inside.
因为她们不允许把里面的情况带出去 They didn’t allow you to take anything out of the camp…
怕揭穿她们的黑暗 …for fear that it would expose their wrongdoing.
那里的地下抽上来的井水 The water pumped up from the underground well there
特殊特殊的凉 was really, really cold.
所以来说我们晚上要洗 At night, when we wanted to wash ourselves…
要搞凉水洗小便处洗屁股 …we had to use cold water to wash our private parts.
洗完以后冷得肚子都疼 When we were finished, we were so cold our stomachs hurt.
还能谈得上什么例假啊月经啊都没有了 It led to our periods being interrupted.
已经被她们给变质了变成异性人了 We were transformed by the camp.
根本就不称为女人了 We lost our female features and couldn’t call ourselves women any more.
有的例假都不来 Some stopped having periods.
小姑娘十个月不来例假 Young women went 10 months without a period.
女的十个月不来例假都是很正常 It was common for women to go that long without a period.
姜枭雪也是十个月都没有来例假 Jiang Xiaoxue also went 10 months without a period.
她打了一针黄连素那也不来例假 Even after she was given an injection
就看见一点点红就没了 there were only a few drops of blood and then nothing.




我出来那天 The day I was released
我是2012年10月18号把我放出来的 was 18 October 2012.
应该说解除头一个月就告诉哪天出来 Normally, they should give you notice a month prior to release
结果那天她们不告诉我 but they didn’t even tell me on the day.
因为我老跟她们反迫害嘛老跟她们在里面抗争嘛 Because I had always protested against their persecution and fought them,
她们怕我提前准备好把里面信息什么给带出来 they were afraid I would get prepared for my release, that I would take messages out.
所以她们放我那天还骗我干了一上午活 So on the day I was released, they tricked me by making me work in the morning…
干到十一点二十分她们就说 …until 11:20. Then they said:
刘华出来找你有点事 ‘Liu Hua, come out. We have something to tell you.’
当时我就说她们 At the time I said to them:
我们(上访人)都赶不上普教和卖淫的小偷和吸毒的 ‘We petitioners are worse off than the ordinary inmates, the prostitutes, and the petty thieves and drug addicts.’
她们要走之前头一个月都知道哪天走 ‘They will know a month ahead when they will be released…’
要走还给两壶热水洗洗澡 ‘…and they will get two bottles of hot water to wash themselves…’
洗洗身上那些灰尘 ‘…to wash off the dirt.’
我可倒好一直干到十一点半 ‘But I had to work until 11:30.’
拽出来就扔给我扔到大墙外了 And they just took me and threw me out and left me right outside the camp.
结果要到吃饭的时候了 So at mealtime…
饭都不让我吃扔到大墙外 …they didn’t even let me eat lunch and just threw me out.
扔到大墙外我就跟她们抗争 Right outside the walls of the camp they threw me. Because I had fought against them.
我说解除的时候司法部有规定 I said: ‘According to the Ministry of Justice regulations you’re supposed to…’
你们教养院应该给我们钱 ‘…give me money upon release.’
给我们八百到一千块钱 ‘800-1000 yuan…’
回家的路费搭车的钱 ‘…for the journey home, the bus fare.’
我家离教养院八九十里路 My home was 80 to 90 km from the camp.
怎么回家怎么走 How was I to get home?
我的孩子我的儿媳妇丈夫都来接我 My son, daughter-in-law, and husband all came to pick me up.
我告诉我的丈夫到前面教养院院部去告她们去 I said to my husband that we should complain to the camp’s general office.
她们这里就是违法 What they were doing here was just illegal.
你们抓劳工你们这里卖期买期 They took our labour and traded in time to serve.
权钱交易想怎么卖就怎么卖 It was a power-for-money business. They could sell it at any price they liked.
把我们当什么当奴隶了当工具了 We were made their slaves and tools
养活你们腐败贪污分子 to provide for these corrupt officials.
结果我们那个大队长孙彬说 The brigade captain, Sun Bin, said:
刘华你别讲那里头的事了多难听啊 ‘Liu Hua, don’t talk about what happened inside. It would be too revolting.’
后来接见那屋出来一个男警察说 Another policeman came out of that room and said:
刘华你别讲了多丢人哪 ‘Liu Hua, don’t talk about this. It would be too shameful.’
我说你还知道丢人哪 I said: ‘How would you know what is shameful?!’
你就是个妓女就是个婊子 ‘You’re just a whore, a slut!’
你知道丢什么人哪 ‘You don’t know what is shameful!’
你他妈的破鞋鞋底都漏了 ‘You’re just a fucking bitch!’
天天说光荣伟大就这么光荣伟大 ‘You talk about glory all day long. What glory?’
天天扒我们的皮喝我们的血 ‘The glory comes from skinning us and drinking our blood.’
养活你们这些恶棍你还有什么话跟我说 ‘We’re feeding you thugs. What do you have to say?’
他就回去了 He went back out.
孙彬大队长说周政委给你派了个车 Brigade Captain Sun Bin said: ‘Political Commissar Zhou has sent a car,
派了个轿车拉你回家 a sedan to take you home.
可惜只能拉两个人那两个人拉不了 But it can only take two passengers. The other two can’t come in the car.
我说那不行 I said: ‘That won’t work.’
再拿一千块钱搭车吧 ‘Give me 1000 yuan for the bus ride then.’
后来她没话说那么马三家给你出个警车 She didn’t know what to say. ‘Masanjia is giving you a police vehicle to use.’
给你坐那个货警车货物警车 It was a police van,
就是前面两排坐的后面还能拉货的警车 one with seats in front and cargo space in back.
当时一个警察开车还跟着一个男警察 At the time, one police officer drove and another male police officer followed.
给我送到家直接送到家 They took me back home directly.
送在道上的时侯那个男警察说 On the way, that male police officer said:
刘华你是马三家教养院历史以来第一个用警车将你送到家的 ‘Liu Hua, you’re the first inmate in the history of Masanjia Labour Camp to be taken back in a police car.’
我说司法部有规定 I said: ‘There is a Ministry of Justice regulation.’
只不过别人不知道但是我知道 ‘It’s just that others don’t know about it. But I do.’
你们隐瞒不了我对不对 ‘You couldn’t hide that from me, right?’
你们凭什么白让我们干活 ‘On what basis do you make us work for nothing?’
走的时候连路费钱你们还要贪污 ‘And when we leave, you still want to pocket the money for our journey home.’
你们拿我们当做生意的筹码了 ‘You treat us like bargaining chips.’
拿我们当人了吗 ‘When have you ever treated us like human beings?’


(尾声1)Epilogue 1



司法部规定 According to Ministry of Justice regulations,
在马三家劳教人员每个月都有工作报酬钱 the inmates of Masanjia Labour Camp should receive monthly compensation for their work.
在马三家女子劳教所干活 But how much those who worked in Masanjia
每个月工作报酬究竟有多少钱 actually received in compensation every month,
我们也不知道 we don’t really know.
上访人员曾经跟队长要过法律依据 A petitioner once asked a unit leader about the legal basis for this.
队长说没有法律依据 The unit leader said there was no legal basis.
我在马三家被劳教了3年苦苦干了3年 I was detained for three years in Masanjia, three years of very hard labour.
队长强行给了我4个月的报酬钱 The unit leader forced me to accept compensation for only four months.
每个月是日杂费10元报酬钱25元 Each month we got 10 yuan for sundry expenses and 25 yuan compensation for work.
在我临走的时候 Just before I was released
我给马三家女子劳教所写了欠条 I wrote an IOU addressed to Masanjia Labour Camp:
“马三家女子劳教所欠刘华32个月工资” ‘Masanjia Labour Camp owes Liu Hua 32 months’ wages.’
我们期满被释放时马三家女子劳教所 Upon our release, Masanjia Labour Camp
都会发给我们每个人一张《解除劳动教养证明书》 issued each of us with a ‘Certificate of Release from Re-education through Labour.’
但是在证明书上一式三份的序列数字都是空白的 But the space where the document serial number should have been entered was left empty on the original and all the carbon copies.
这是我们被释放的最重要的证据 This is the most important evidence we have of our release.
是要被我们的户籍管辖机关——公安系统 The authority in charge of household registration—that is, the police—
长期保存的犯罪档案 keeps that in their files for a long time, as a criminal record.
而在马三家男子劳教所 And when the Masanjia Labour Camp for men
期满被释放的男劳教人员 releases its inmates,
在《解除劳动教养证明书》上 all ‘Certificates of Release from Re-education through Labour’
都写有一式三份的序列数字 have document serial numbers entered properly on the original and all copies.
马三家女子劳教所为何从来不填写序列数字呢 Why hasn’t the Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp ever entered the serial numbers?
这是马三家女子劳教所的国家秘密 That’s the camp’s state secret.
但是这个国家秘密只能有一个解释 But there’s only one explanation for this state secret:
故意空缺序列数字 They intentionally leave that space blank…
是为了隐藏被劳教女人的具体数字 …in order to hide the actual number of women inmates.
我们是马三家女子劳教所白捡来的女人 We were the women that Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp had got for free.
中国的劳教制度源自苏联 China’s re-education through labour system originated in the Soviet Union.
在毛泽东时代的1955年制定 1957年实施 It was set up in 1955 in the Mao Zedong era. When it was implemented in 1957,
是打压政敌的工具 it was a tool for suppressing political enemies.
而在毛之后的邓小平江泽民胡锦涛时代 And after Mao, in the Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao eras,
则是镇压上访者持有不同政见者宗教人士 it became a tool for the repression of petitioners, dissidents, religious believers,
以及被中共视为危及其统治的人的工具 and people who, in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, threatened its rule.
中国的人权捍卫者法官和警察都认为 Chinese human rights defenders, judges, and the police all believe
劳教制度违反宪法 that re-education through labour violates the constitution.
公共安全部门绕过法律程序直接对某个人进行4年以内的监禁 The public security authorities can circumvent legal procedures to control a certain person for up to four years.
近六十年来劳教场所至少囚禁过数千万人 Over the past 60 years, there have been tens of millions of people detained in re-education through labour.
当局称至今在司法部下属的350所劳教所里 The authorities say that at this point 160,000 people
还监禁着16万人 remain detained in 350 re-education camps.
辽宁省沈阳市马三家女子劳教所 Liaoning Province’s Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp in Shenyang
成立于1999年10月 was established in October 1999.
它公开称管教警察始终依法教育劳教人员 It claims publicly that its officers always educate inmates in accordance with law
并让她们成为对国家有用的人 and transform them into persons who are useful to the state,
从来不存在虐待劳教人员的行为和举动 and that no abuse of inmates has ever taken place.
因此多年来一直受到共产党中央公安部 They say this is why in the past years it has consistently earned praise and commendations
以及各级司法当局的褒奖 from the CCP Central Committee, the Ministry of Public Security, and judicial authorities at all levels,
并成为全国劳教所争相前去膜拜和学习的最佳典范 and that it has become a model that other labour camps nationwide are striving to emulate and learn from.


(尾声2)Epilogue 2


2013年4月 辽宁省马三家女子劳教所

April 2013, Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp, Liaoning Province


After the use of torture on women in the work camp was exposed,


People in China and beyond were shocked,


Yet the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the Ministry of Justice Re-education through Labor Bureau have remained silent.


The Liaoning government said that

“进行了客观 公开 公正的调查”

it had ‘conducted an objective, open and fair investigation’

对被劳教女人陆秀娟 梅秋玉 盖凤珍和赵敏等人

into the allegations by former labour camp inmates Lu Xiujuan, Mei Qiuyu, Gai Fengzhen and Zhao Min


regarding the use of stretching and Tiger Bench tortures.


The authorities said the allegations were ‘malicious fabrications and totally baseless’.

对劳教女人朱桂芹 盖凤珍 赵敏强行灌食

Regarding the force-feeding of Zhu Guiqin, Gai Fengzhen and Zhao Min,


they said a “medical nursing bed” was used,


and there was no such thing as a “Death Bed”.


Regarding Liu Yulin being taken into custody while pregnant,


the authorities said ‘it was sheer fabrication’,


and that she ‘wasn’t actually pregnant’.

对王玉萍 盖凤珍 李平 朱桂芹

As for ‘illegal’ decisions to send some of the women,


including Wang Yuping, Gai Fengzhen, Li Ping and Zhu Guiqin, to RTL


they said it was in accordance with the conditions in the law on custody for re-education .


As for of protecting the legal rights and interests of the labour camp inmates,

包括伙食标准 医疗标准 劳动时间

including food standards, medical treatment conditions, working hours ,


as well as appropriate remuneration for their work, they said

“均达到司法部规定 不存在违规问题”

‘They all meet Ministry of Justice regulations. There are no irregularities.”


Liaoning authorities said,


“Masanjia Women’s Labour Camp


has for many years adhered to Party policies, guidelines, and pertinent regulations


during its re-education through labor work;


However at the same time, it has also come under


spiteful and malicious attacks from domestic and foreign hostile forces.’















Short introduction of interviewees:


Liu Hua was sent to labour camps three times for a total of four years, with one year [re-education through labour outside of the labour camp] on medical parole.

Lu Xiujuan was sent to RTL twice for a total of four years.

Mei Qiuyu was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp once for two years and two months in total.

Gai Fengzhen was sent to RTL three times for five and a half years in total.

Hao Wei was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp once for one year.

Wang Yuping was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp once for one and a half year.

Wang Guilan was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp once for one year.

Zhu Guiqin was sent to labour camps twice for four years in total.

Li Ping was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp for one year.

Chen Shenqun was sent to Masanjia Labour Camp for one year.



致谢 Thanks to …


刘华 岳永进 盖凤珍 王玉萍 刘霞 朱桂芹

陈沈群 刘玉玲 王振 陆秀娟 郝威 王桂兰

新淑华 胡秀芬 王金凤 高慧民 李艳芳 姜俊艳


Interviewed victims and their family members of Masanjia Labour Camp


Liu Hua

Yue Yongjin

Gai Fengzhen

Wang Yuping

Liu Xia

Zhu Guiqin

Chen Shenqun

Liu Yuling

Wang Zhen

Lu Xiujuan

Hao Wei

Wang Guilan

Xin Shuhua

Hu Xiufen

Wang Jinfeng

Gao Huimin

Jiang Junyan




Fake Studio



Co-producers who bought tickets to support online public screening of Above the Ghosts‘ Heads: The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp (Dir. DU Bin), and Juvenile Laborers Confined in Dabao (Dir. XIE Yihui): (Unfinished list, complete list will be released after May 1st, 2013.)



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  4. 盖凤珍
  5. 郝威
  6. 王玉萍
  7. 王桂兰
  8. 朱贵芹
  9. 李平
  10. 陈沈群






中国人权捍卫者Chinese Human Rights Defenders



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